Fenton Village Players Celebrates Ghost Light, New Board

Lit ghost light on stage of upcoming show Bull in China Shop directed by Stevie Visser.
Lit ghost light on stage of upcoming show Bull in China Shop directed by Stevie Visser.
Community theatre is like a family. The annual membership meetings are the family reunions. Members of Fenton Village Players convened Saturday night, January 18th, for this annual ritual.

Like family reunions, new members were celebrated and those who have left us collectively mourned. We gathered in the activity room for a meal, a business meeting, and then moved over to the theatre for a special event: the commemoration of our Ghost Light.

Ghost Light

In practical terms, a ghost light is a lamp on top of a pole set atop a rolling base. This serves the purpose of illuminating a dark stage in-between use. It’s a safety tool to prevent people falling off a dark stage and providing much needed guidance until the main lights are switched on.

In metaphorical terms, the ghost light has a significantly deeper meaning (as metaphors generally tend to have). In spite of a  superstitious history, our Ghost Light is dedicated to the memory of fellow actors who have passed on. It also serves as a reminder to the characters individually created through the years that have now disappeared as the productions came to an end.

The Ghost Light was celebrated by a showcase of scenes from the 2013 season. Interwoven between these scenes were thoughts of wisdom and poems written by our venerable members.

Board Members

Another facet of our annual membership meeting is the welcoming of new board members and the farewell to those retiring.

The members of Fenton Village Players would like to express their fondest gratitude to Geno Essenmacher and Rachel Walk who both retired. Geno was the senior member of the board having served for over ten years.

Filling their seats and two others already vacated, unanimously elected by the membership to serve their three year terms were Stevie Visser, Joy Carr, Ryan Particka, and, yours truly, Matthew Semrau.

Holly Myers, Chris Vitarelli, Tim Terpening, Rick Spangler, Laura Legant, Vic Tatum, and Richard Holtje remain on the board.

Holly and Rick were re-elected to serve as chairperson and treasurer respectively. Tim will be replacing Chris as Vice Chairperson of the board. Stevie was appointed as Corresponding Secretary and Matthew as Recording Secretary.


The Fenton Village Players is a non-profit community theatre located in Fenton, MI at 14197 Torrey Road. For more information and to see our upcoming shows visit our website at http://FentonVillagePlayers.org/


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