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Let's Talk About Reiki & Alternative Healing

Samantha E. Harris writes about alternative healing and her own experiences. "When I was diagnosed with Vitiligo and another auto-immune disease, I was told by numerous specialists and endocrinologists that there was no cure, that my body would eventually have the same pigmentation pattern of a giraffe and that my risk of skin cancer would triple," she writes. "I didn't take 'no' for an answer and began my own search into alternative healing – as should everyone. I believe nature has provided us with everything we need to heal and is what our pharmaceuticals are derived from. Eventually I found a natural cure (wearing a copper bracelet and taking gingko biloba) and also visited with a homeopath."

Gay marriage! A trend? A sin? Or a right?

Fady Elias shares his thoughts on the hot topic and asks readers: "Would you support your gay friend if they invite you to their wedding? How about your gay neighbor? Or cousin or brother or sister? Will you do business with gay people? Maybe you are already, will you quit? If you fell on the street will you take the hand that is reaching to pick you up if it was gay?"

Even Gringos Look Elegant in a Guayabera

Local Voices contributors Michael_&_Graciela, who live in Colombia, write about the traditional guayabera shirt. "With a guayabera you are Ernest Hemingway, Antonio Banderas or a gringo exhibiting taste and style," Michael writes.

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