Bites Nearby: Merchants Gourmet Wine Shop Takes Sandwiches Beyond Delicious

The store might be known for beer and wine selection, but a food gold mine hides in the back.

When stopping at on Owen Road in Fenton, I breeze by the massive wine and adult beverage selections and head directly to the deli. My love of sandwiches far surpasses my appreciation for wine, in fact, I don't recall ever having purchased wine while at Merchants. 

The deli sits at the back of the store and is a sandwich gold mine.

A menu can help serve as a guide for your selection or design your dream sandwich from deli ingredients. The quality of the meat and cheeses at Merchants is superb. Put it all on your bread of choice — Rye, Pumpernickle, White, Wheat, Onion Roll, Sub, Pita, or Lawash. Unusual sandwiches on the menu include Dinty Moore, Liverwurst, Veggie and Meatball. 

My all time favorite is peppered turkey on a sub bun with sharp cheddar cheese, sometimes with mild peppers. The turkey adds a bite of spice with its cracked pepper edges, without being overpowering. The quality of the cheese is much better than the over processed versions used at some sandwich shops. The sub buns are always fresh, adding the finishing touch to making this sandwich seem homemade. 

Super subs can be ordered in two to five foot increments for party occasions. (Two day notice requested for specialized subs.) Meat and cheese platters can be made in small, medium and large sizes.

Antipasto, garden and chicken caesar salads can be ordered at the deli in both small and large portions. Salads available by the pound include homemade potato, pasta, slaw, macaroni, and spaghetti. 

In my opinion, there is not a sandwich in the area that can compete with those made at Merchants. The ingredient combinations assure a personal dining experience which tastes as if you made it right in your own kitchen.


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