Mancino's of Fenton has Sold More than 1 Million Grinders

Restaurant opened its doors in Fenton in 1998.

There are many great local business in Fenton. We want to help you know a little more about them by talking to business managers and owners.

Today, we take a close look at Mancino's, and talk to owners Mark and Sally Rummel.

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When were you founded?

Mancino's of Fenton is one of 80 Mancino's Pizza & Grinder restaurants in the Midwest. Owners Mark and Sally Rummel moved their family to Fenton in 1997 to establish their eatery, officially opening its doors July 27, 1998.

Why did you choose the Fenton area?

We chose Fenton because they saw a need for the Mancino's concept here -- quality food on home-baked grinder sandwich buns and home-made pizza dough. It's all baked right in the store every day, starting before dawn, plus all meats and vegetables are sliced there daily, too.

What do you offer customers?

Mancino's concept gives customers good value -- large servings of fresh food at a moderate price. Mancino's of Fenton offers just a few sizes / styles, but with toppings and additions, millions of choices can be made:

  • 9" long Half Grinders and 18" long Whole Grinders, all on home-baked bread;
  • 12" Medium Pizzas and 16" Large Pizzas, all on home-made pizza dough;
  • Regular Crust Pizzas and Thin Crust Pizzas, with buttered crusts available (They're working on a deep-dish crust, too)

What do you want your business to be best known for?

Mancino's is best-known for making your food as you want it -- for extra mushrooms, light mayo, no tomatoes or other requests, just ask... they make your food your way. Nothing is prepared ahead -- we make it when you order it, usually taking about 12 minutes, for dining in or take-out, seven days a week.

What's your most popular product or service?

Probably the most-popular baked sandwich is the Italian Grinder, while the Mancino's Pride Pizza is the best-selling pie. In all, about two dozen grinders and more than 15 pizza combinations are offered.

The best value offered by Mancino's is the $6 Lunch Special, seven days a week -- a 9" long Half Grinder, one side item and a 16-oz. drink for $6 complete, including tax. (Steak and Chicken Grinder Lunch Specials are $7.)

Mancino's of Fenton has sold more than one million Grinders in their first 15 years of business. The owners and staff thank the Fenton - Linden - Holly community for their support... and obvious good taste! We're proud to employ 22 local residents in a fast-paced, sometimes hectic, yet fun work environment.

Mancino's has won three Fenton Patch Readers' Choice Awards:

  • 2012 "Best Pizza" Award
  • 2012 "Best Sandwich" Award
  • 2012 "Best Restaurant Service" Award

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Mark W Rummel November 17, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Thanks, Editor Jason and Fenton Patch, for your kind words about our Mancino's of Fenton. Our 24 staff members (including four from our family) appreciate it!


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