ReSale 360 Owners Hope to Have Store Clear by Saturday

Donna Hitz said all she can do is give people their things back.

owner Donna Hitz has continued to and hopes to have most of the items out of the store by Saturday.

On Thursday, Hitz met with a Fenton couple that gathered two carloads of items. She also had to tell a consignor at the door looking to claim an item that it had been sold and she didn’t have the funds to refund the money.

“There is nothing more I can do than give things back,” Hitz said.

She said she has gathered as many items as possible and many of people’s collections are ready to pick up. Consignors are asked to email Donna.Hitz@Gmail.com to make an appointment. Hitz said she has an account of every transaction made in the store and a list of every consignor’s items. Those items are spread out across the store and in some cases consignors have hundreds of items. Hitz said she will only let a couple of people in the store at once. She said she is afraid for her safety because she has received multiple threatening messages along with .

She said people continue to bang on the windows, but also said many people have showed up to tell her they loved the store and are sorry to see it go.

Hitz said once the Fenton store is clear, she will begin working in the Brighton store. She said she does have a buyer for the Brighton store, but said that buyer is waiting for a property sale and the deal can’t be completed until that happens. Hitz said if the store is sold, consignors would be able to be paid.

and file complaints regarding owed money and property and are reviewing each on a case-by-case basis. The disputes have surfaced because consignment shop owners and consignors, who bring in items they want to sell, usually split the proceeds from their item sales 50/50 with the store.

Many people remain angry about money they say they are owed.

“The people who are owed money have every right to be angry,” Diana Davis posted on the Fenton Patch Facebook Page.

“Am I the only one who thinks Donna is playing some kind of game with other peoples money?” commented Roberta Pechota. “If the items were sold the people should have gotten their money within a couple days so the business should have the money unless it was spent else where.”

Hitz declined to get into specifics about money, but said people don’t realized the overhead costs in retail.

“…They loved that store and helping people find new treasures. They might have received 50 percent of the sale price but they were paying for the building, utilities, employees, advertisement, etc,” Tammy Miller posted on the Fenton Patch Facebook Page. “…It is just too bad. I loved that store."

Hitz added that she tried to keep the business going, but for a variety of personal and professional reasons, including the failed sale of the business, it didn’t work out.

“This whole experience has really changed me radically,” Hitz said.

Jane Webber April 05, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Ok Joe.. you are sooooo freaking smart let's see you run a business of this type and succeed and be successful intsead of just running your mouth!! and all the rest of the 360 bashers too.... you have NO idea what went on... you just have your own NARROW minded opinions in your small town ways..... grow up and act the good people you all claim to be.....
Jane Webber April 06, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I don't think she swindled any one... swindling is done intentionally... business trends go up and down... has your shopping trend gone up or down with economy??? buying more or less??? necessities or just stuff you want??? Donna didn't sell stuff you HAD to have like groceries or diapers.... she sold stuff to make your house look nice and the price went down the longer you waited... so I'm sure most folks waited as long as they could to buy the item to get the lowest price... that ment the stuff sat in her store for up to 90 days costing her money for utilities... and costing the consigner NOTHING.... and ulitiamtely getting both her and the consigner LESS money.... IF it sold at all.... she was in a tough business as her income was solely dependant on what was brought in and what was SOLD.... if no one was buying stuff that was not a necessity she made no money and the consigners made no money but there were still utilities and rent to be paid... out of where??? thin air???? Swindler??? I don't think so.... maybe she did over extend by opening the brighton store but at that time I think her Fenton store was doing well and that's why she wanted to expand.... why would she have been in business for so many years at both her locationa if she was a swindler??? they ususally get a much money as they can in the shortest amount of time as they can and move on... if you are going to call some one a name at least know what it means first....
stephanie pytlowanyj April 06, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Kristie, you must not have read all the articles in Fenton Patch where Donna indicates she's upset and "can't sleep". Further, did it dawn on you that perhaps she is in the "limelight" b/c she is being approached by the media and asked what is transpiring in the store and not vice versa. Also the news articles explain what is going on with the store and isn't just a personal source of Donna's expressed woes. I was outside the store a few days ago and per the Fenton police Donna is making the attempt to get consignors material items and money back to them. She is "attempting" to make things right, per the police officer. And unless you were an employee of 360 and also of the police station, simultaneously, you have no idea when Donna started making the efforts to return items to the consignors. I agree with you that she probably made a business mistake opening up the Brighton store. However, if the Fenton store was doing well or not at the time she expanded to Brighton, only Donna can answer that one. I get that you and others are upset. However what does being hateful or threatening accomplish? Being hateful and threatening makes the consignors look bad, and as I said before, I'm am seriously rethinking stepping foot in another consignment store again b/c of the way SOME of the consignors are behaving in this situation. If I was in Donna's shoes I'd get a restraining order against the consignors that have verbally assaulted and threatened her.
M H April 07, 2012 at 12:06 AM
At one point last month I over heard Tom talking to an employee about sales being up from last year, how do explain that?
stephanie pytlowanyj April 08, 2012 at 05:00 PM
M H, last year they didn't have the Brighton store. It appears opening the Brighton store is what caused the demise of both locations.
louise April 08, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Stephanie, Where do you get your facts? How do you know that the Brighton store was the reason for all of this? You don't, anymore than the people that are saying that Donna has swindled everyone. Are you on Donnas payroll? If you are, must be nice, because she isn't paying anyone else. If criminal charges are brought agains Donna, what tune will you be singing then?
Whitney April 13, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Swindle is a very good word in this circumstance. Donna and Tom took in consignments and sold consigned items after the 9th of March, knowing that they were not going to be able to pay consigners on the 20th of March (via mailed checks as promised by Tom). Bank problems (per Tom) now reads as their problems with the bank rather than a problem at the bank. I do not accept that hard, economic times forced Donna and Tom to conclude that their financial needs were more important than their consigner's financial needs. Do not blame the wonderful residents of Fenton for bad behavior that began with Donna and Tom. They lied to the faces of people who trusted them with their "stuff" (Donna's word) and their money. Feel free to continue to support Donna and Tom if you are so inclined - but do not denigrate honest people who supported this business in good faith.
PATRICIA DUNKEL April 17, 2012 at 11:24 AM
Did ANYONE out there get a March check as promised. I am still owed $400.00 FROM ITEMS I SOLD BECAUSE I NEEDED MONEY FOR DENTAL WORK IN GOOD FAITH
louise April 17, 2012 at 07:27 PM
No one was given a check by Tom or Donna. You need to go to the Fenton Police Department and file a complaint. It is my understanding that the police are looking into criminal charges that can be filed even after they file bankrupcty. We may never see our money but we can only hope they are held accountable for the lies and days of stealing they did, with no intention of every paying the consigners. They knew on March 9th that they did not have the funds to pay the consigners, but they continued to be open, running sales and stuffing the cash in their own pockets. Something needs to be done!
Cristine April 25, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Very well said Whitney. Yes, they absolutely lied, and told their employees to lie for them. Yes, they took stuff in, and sold stuff right up until the day they closed, with absolutely no warning to consignors. Jane, your comment above of "stuff sat in her store for up to 90 days costing her money for utilities and costing the consigner NOTHING" is laughable. Are you kidding? As consignors we agree to pay the Hitz 50% of item's retail after sale. It's a very fair arrangement. Most things did not sit in their place for 90 days, either. Many people complained that their prices were high, but many more were willing to pay those prices, and certainly the consignors were happy when their items sold AND THEY GOT PAID THEIR SHARE. Unfortunately, in the last months of the business, that is not what happened. Patricia, per Donna in an email to me, some of the Brighton store consignors got paid in March, but to my knowledge, none of the Fenton store consignors were paid.


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