On The Road With Donna - The New Year

My resolution this year is to remain positive and continue to build self esteem of others.

The new year is here and hopefully many new changes for the good and positive will happen. Making a resolution to lose weight and stop smoking are the usual ones everyone makes and few carry out. My resolution this year is to remain positive and continue to build self esteem of others.

Life is too short to let others get there amusement in bullying, hurting, and posting terrible comments on their Facebook pages. Do not fall victim to this. Report the ones that do this and gather all evidence (such as using your print key and your cell camera and video) and maintain files and journals with dates and times and locations. 

Many things are changing for the better with laws and enforcement and keeping track of harassment and bullying will pay off. I have seen so many victims of bullying working at the schools over the years it made me sick. Kids being cruel from jealousy or because there was another student they felt were not good enough or were in special ed. Picking on these kids has brought out outburst of anger, fights, and tears. All because one student or group of students do not have any respect for anyone including themselves and think it is funny. Thankfully there are some parents that discipline there children actions when incidents like this occur. These kids usually realize how wrong they were in there actions. Then there are the parents who do nothing or run to the school to defend there kids actions. Instead of being a parent they are being enablers and this is when bullying escalates and death and suicide happens.We hope daily that there are no more enablers , no more whispering and pointing, no more Facebook comments , etc.. This of course will never happen but with new laws and schools enforcing policy and procedure it can be controlled.

I had one grandparent say to me once this kind of bullying and harassment in any school should be treated as kids that skip school should be treated. Not only is the student disciplined but the parent too .I have to agree with that one.......Being a parent comes first and friend second. Anyway, enough of this.

Time is short and 2012 is here. Enjoy life and everyone that crosses your path. A smile is contagious. Be a great parent and a great student. To those that have achieved this status you have our respect and admiration.

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Mary Miettinen January 18, 2012 at 06:47 PM
What a wonderful resolution for 2012 ! Positivity is catching and I see it in the smiles around me. Good Manners are vital to good citizenship and I think many times this gets swept under the carpet in the daily rush of life. Keep spreading the word! Thank you. Mary


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