Interactive Timeline: The Dominick Calhoun Saga

We highlight the events from April 8, 2010 when police say beatings of Dominick Calhoun began to the sentencing scheduled for Monday for those responsible for his death.

Former are scheduled to be sentenced for the murder of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun Monday.

Police said Hayes, who Dominick's mother's boyfriend at the time, beat the the Argentine township boy to death in April of 2010. Officials said Baker, Dominick's mother, failed to get help for her son.

This timeline takes a look at the developments from when police say the beatings began (April 8, 2010) until April 21, 2012 when a run in Dominick's honor is being held.  The timeline includes links to stories, videos and pictures involved with the case. Examine the timeline by zooming in and out, and clicking the arrows to the right and left to view all of the events. You can click each event to find out more.


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