Fenton Patch Reaches 2-Year Anniversary

The site has come a long way since launching in December 2010

It’s hard to believe Fenton Patch is turning 2-years-old.

It’s been such a short time, but we’ve come such a long way and so has Fenton.

Here is a look at a few stories from when the site launched Dec. 20, 2010.

  • Negotiations for the Michigan Brewing Company Taproom at the old Fenton Fire hall were still brewing. We all know how that turned out. The Fenton DDA Terminated the Lease when Michigan Brewing Company officials were evicted from their headquarters. Now the Clarkston Union owners are about to begin construction.
  • Fenton got closer as they officially announced the Be Closer Campaign.
  • Smokers were facing their first winter after being banned from smoking inside.
  • VG's Customers were pumped over a new gas station.
  • Students were tossing pies at Fenton assistant principal Eric Rettenmund.
  • Misfit Lab plans were just beginning, In Family Hopes to Provide Recreational Facility for Fenton's 'Boarders'," we told you about Shaun and Tera Hamilton, a Fenton couple who are working diligently to bring an indoor skateboard plaza to town.
  • We showed you one of our first video, a glimpse inside Major League Fitness.

As we move into 2013, Fenton Patch will look dramatically different than when we launched in 2010, when we celebrated our one-year anniversary in 2011 or even now. We will continue strive to become the online community center for Fenton. We will become more user-friendly as it will be easier to share and have conversations on the site. We will keep bringing you big news, but also a whole lot more.

It's been a great two years of Fenton Patch, but 2013 will take the site to a whole new level and we hope you come along for the ride.

Thanks for reading, contributing, sharing and commenting!


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