Fenton Teacher Pens Second Children's Book, with Santa Theme

'VROOM! VROOM! Motorcycle Santa's Coming to Town' is available at Fenton's Open Book.

What happens if Santa Claus and his elves crash the sleigh into a mountainside on a practice run?

Kevin Collins, a children’s book author who teaches fourth grade at has the answer in his new story, “VROOM! VROOM! Motorcycle Santa’s Coming to Town.”

The holiday themed picture book is available at Fenton’s Open Book in Dibbleville.

“It’s a new spin on a holiday classic,” Collins said. “It begins the day before Christmas up in the North Pole.

“All’s well until Santa and his elves take the sleigh out for a practice run,” he continued. “UH-OH! They crash headlong into a mountainside. With no sleigh and the reindeer laid up in bed, Santa has to figure out another way to deliver the presents.

“Faster than you can say ‘mistletoe’, they hop on motorcycles and make the deliveries in style. Mrs. Claus celebrates by making motorcycle jackets for everyone and they all ride off into the sunset in style.”

Collins had the inspiration for VROOM! VROOM! Motorcycle Santa's Coming to Town when a fellow in a long, white beard, riding a motorcycle, pulled up next to his car at a traffic light.

“I said to myself, ‘This has the makings of a good story! I can put a new spin on a holiday classic by putting Santa on the back of a motorcycle.’ It kind of took off from there,” he told Fenton Patch.

The local author has another children’s title as well.

“My previous picture book, Old MacDonald Had a Golf Course, is a fresh take on the Old MacDonald nursery rhyme,” Collins said. “In that story, Old Mac’s fallen into credit card debt because his farm animals have gone ‘hog wild’ on a buying spree. Faced with the possibility of losing the farm, Old Mac and his animal friends team up and turn the farm into a golf course.

“When the golfers arrive, there’s a swing here, a chip there, and everywhere a putt, putt. Soon the farm’s a big hit, because it’s the only place on tour where you can act like you grew up in a barn,” he said.

The inspiration for this picture book came from a farm turned golf course near where Collins grew up, in Saline, he said.

Fenton's Open Book also has had copies of Old MacDonald Had a Golf Course on its shelves since Collins published it in 2010, he said. Now VROOM! VROOM! Motorcycle Santa's Coming to Town is at the book store there as well.


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