Linden Resident Leaking Brain Fluid, Bennett Lake Hosts Fishing Tournament

Here is a look at what our Fenton Patch Local Voices writers have been posting recently, from a paradise, to happiness to a benefit for someone in need.

Here is a look at some of our Local Voices posts this week

Leaking Brain Fluid

Elise Miles is a Mid-Michigan native, spending her life helping others and giving without expecting anything back. For years, she has given to the community. She’s worked with Linden Summer Happening, Linden Mill Days and was a sponsor to the little league.

All her life, Elise has battled ear infection upon ear infection. She never thought anything about them. Living with them, she accepted getting them and kept going. But recently, she decided to visit the doctor. She had been tired and she kept forgetting things. She had to ask directions to places she had been hundreds of times. She couldn’t remember phone numbers or street addresses.

When her doctor looked at her.....Read the full story in the Fenton Patch Local Voices Section.

Bennett Lake Fishing Tournament

From the Blind was at the first ever Gills for Bills ice fishing tournament held on Bennett Lake. Check out the action on Fenton Patch.

What Makes You Happy?

I thought to myself “I really wish everyone that I know could be out here having as much fun as I was having.”  I live a blessed life and I have many things that add to my happiness.

Find out what makes Cafe of Life chiropractor Erica Peabody happy.


The jet started its circle for approach. From my window I noticed that the landing strip started at the water and ended where the Caribbean Ocean met the other side of the island.

Warm humid air smelling of sea drained all the tension from my body.

Find out where Fenton native Joe Kershaw visited on a recent trip.

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