No Streetlight for Hartland Intersection Where Fenton Man was Killed

Residents can expect new signage and monitoring of intersection at Fenton and Clyde Roads.

Despite one local woman’s efforts to see improvements made to an intersection where just weeks ago a Fenton man died in a car crash, the Livingston County Road Commission (LCRC) has decided against installing any additional streetlights in the near future.

Adrienne Conner of Hartland had initiated a request to have a streetlight installed on the corner of Clyde and Fenton Roads to help with visibility and improve the safety conditions after a recent fatal accident.

However, based off of statistics supplied by the Livingston County Road Commision, the intersection has had only seven accidents in the past five years, which equates to a relatively low frequency based on the high traffic volumes, according to Hartland Township Public Works Director, Robert West.

“And the majority of the accidents have occurred during daylight hours,” West said. “So what they (LCRC) would like to do is study the intersection more in depth.”

On Jan. 11, Roger Miles of Fenton lost his life after his vehicle was hit by a car driven by Treena Jean Beazley after she failed to stop for a stop sign. Police believe alcohol played a part in the fatal accident.

Focusing on the factor that Beazley may have been impaired on Jan. 11, West call the accident "tragic," but recommends that any residents who are concerned about the safety of the intersection contact the Livingston County Road Commission directly.

“Essentially, this particular incident that took the life of Roger Miles was the result of a drunk driver and that’s the main factor,” West said. “Drunk driving is a huge issue and unfortunately there isn’t a traffic control device out there that can actually prevent that.”

West said that the Livingston County Road Commision does have plans to monitor the intersection more closely, which may lead to a possible light in the future, and will also install improved signage that includes upgraded reflectivity, posts and signs.

However, no timeframe was given on when residents can expect the new signs to be installed

Ryan McDowell January 31, 2013 at 02:47 PM
I’m not sure that a streetlight at any 2 way intersection would make a difference. Making it a 4 way stop (from all directions) would prevent a repeat of a future accident (drunk driver involved or not). Anytime you have an intersection that 1 direction drives full speed through without having to slow down or stop, you will always have the risk of a serious accident…
Robert Marr January 31, 2013 at 03:54 PM
I'm glad to see Livingston County not applying lazy legislation and knee-jerk reaction "fixes" to a problem such as this. Although a terrible tragedy, all the technology yet utilized won't make non-attentive people do what they should be doing. Paying Attention!
N Schmedlen February 01, 2013 at 05:39 PM
There's another 2 way stop intersection at US23 and Faussett Road that is dangerous. Faussett Road has the right of way and is different than any other intersection along the US23 service drive. From the stop sign, it is difficult to see traffic on Faussett Road and I believe many consider it a 4-way stop. Speeding on Faussett Road is frequent.


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