Thunderstorm Rolls Through Fenton

Temperatures will continue to drop.

An eerie storm rolled through Fenton Thursday night.

The strong thunderstorm came through around 7 p.m., bringing clouds, lightning, wind, rain and cooler temperatures.

The large storm was moving quickly through mid-michigan, about 30 mph and knocked out power for some.

Nathan Andrews tweeted, "Fun storm rolled through Fenton this evening. Lots of green. I could see air masses/clouds colliding and twirling around each other. It was like watching rivers forming between land-masses and getting squeezed out of existence in the collisions. Very cool stuff."

Many people commented on the storm on the Fenton Patch Facebook Page.

Sheree Russ posted, "Well it certainly wasn't fun to drive in it!"

Breanne Clark said, "It was a little crazy, but actually wished it would have been a little more intense."

The storm cooled temperatures a bit as the high Friday is expect to be 74, with more showers and thunderstorms possible, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures will continue to drop this weekend with a high of 67 Saturday, a high of 63 Sunday and all the way down to 52 on Monday with a low of 33.

Do you have any pictures of the storm? Add them to our gallery.


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