What in the World is Donut Nun Rapidito?

Working at the cafe, a lady walks in and orders something I never heard of in my life, but she has faith in me that I will make the best yet or will I?!!

Two ladies walked in at Gatsby Grind, they seemed to be in a hurry but fell in love with the place the decor and the atmosphere, the music also reminded them of their vacation.

One of them ordered a Banana Vanilla Latte, and the other wanted a donut nun rapidito, of course as a business owner and manager, you don't say NO to customers especially if they were first timers, you want to get them what they want and make their experience pleasant!

I knew I could pull out the Banana Vanilla Latte no problem, even though I was never asked to make one before, but the donut nun rapidito!!! I had no clue...

I asked the lady about that drink and if she knew how it's made because I don't recall hearing of it and I apologized for my ignorance!  She said she's not sure of the recipe but it's her favorite drink and she added "I am sure you'll figure it out and make me the best yet!"

I smiled at them and tried to buy time by offering them something else to go with their order and handed them a menu to look at our sandwiches and salads! Meanwhile I came up with an excuse and stepped out to the backroom, I couldn't wait to get out of their sight and I pulled Siri and asked her "Donut nun rapidito recipe".

After several attempts to say it right, of course with my accent, Siri kept hearing rapidito as FPD Toll, or Deputy roll, and couple other things I can't really write here, until she gave up on me and said, "I am sorry Fady, I can't help you with that! Would you like me to search the web?" 

Sure go to Big Brother Google and let's see what he got for us! 

Google returned with keyword search, some links for donut, others of nuns but nothing for the mysterious Donut nun rapidito Latte!!!

Frustrated I decided to come back out and confess my failure and apologize hoping I can offer the lady something else, I thought everybody agrees that we have the best Pumpkin Spice Latte and I could offer her that for FREE! I pulled the door knob to get out but to my surprise I can't get it to turn... Darn it!

What did I do to Murphy?

I go to Siri again... Door knob locked, she replies "I don't know what that means, if you like I can search the web"

Siri get out of my life!!!!!

I asked her again door locked, she came back with a list of Locksmiths asking me which one to call...

I was very angry as this point and ready to break the door, I am hearing the store getting busier and more people walking in, and I remembered the ladies are on their way to the airport, what am I going to do?!!!

Finally after several attempts I managed to turn the knob and open the door, I ran outside and scoped the store, a long line in front of the counter but I can't find the ladies... :(

Very frustrated and upset, not good, not good, here we go bad reviews and terrible customer service!

Now I can't focus on the other orders and still in my own world, what the heck is that donut nun rapidito??!!

In the middle of all the chaos, I hear my 3-year-old son screaming, "DAD! come on I want to watch Sky diving videos on YouTube..."

I turn around he's pulling my sheets, it's 6:30am, I am still in bed!
I hate nightmares in the morning, but it sure beats the alternative.

However I still can't find what Donut nun rapidito is but I think I have a idea what it's going to be ;) 

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