Freddy & Tonya Visit Applebee’s

Freddy Spaghetti and Tonya Lasagna (mystery diners who are real Fenton residents) review area restaurants.

Applebee’s, how can you go wrong? 

You get the door opened for you when you approach and a sincere greeting, you then get seated and told what the specials are (which can sometimes become irritating if you visit Applebee’s often). The servers are always pleasant and really seem like they enjoy being there and you aren’t being an interruption in their day. 

Today we moseyed on up to the bar to be greeted by one of the most pleasant Applebee’s employees, Liz.  Liz is a perfect example of what a server should act like every single time they go to work.  Smiling and pleasant and genuinely appreciating her customers.   How impressive is it that Liz remembers that Tonya likes iced tea and I like water with a lemon and we don’t visit Applebee’s that often!  Very impressive. 

We ordered a couple of sandwiches.  Do we order exactly the way it is offered on the menu?  Of course not.  We are a cook’s nightmare, changing things up, minus this and add that.  But you know what?  Liz remembered our preferences from the last time we visited!  How cool is that? 

The food arrived in good time.  Although this time Tonya said her sandwich didn’t quite taste the same.  Different cooks?  Different meat supplier?  We don’t know.  I had a burger and it was kind of dry, but what can you expect when they won’t cook any less than medium which I consider their medium, medium well.  That has to be one of only two complaints I have about Applebee’s. 

Drink refills?  No problem.  And don’t forget Applebee’s has a VIN (Very Important Neighbor) program that may be a little secret.  You get a punch on a punch card for each visit.  On the 5th visit you get $5 off, on the 10th visit you get $10 off!  No kiddin!  Ask to start your Very Important Neighbor card the next time you visit. 

“Freddy, what is your other complaint about Applebee’s?” Tonya inquires. 

“Well Tonya, when I want an alcoholic drink to sip on a Friday or Saturday night, I like a Man’s drink.  Applebee’s bartenders are required to measure the alcohol and not free pour." 

Good for profitability, you know it.  Does it make a good drink?  Not in my opinion.  So, if I feel like a drink at Applebee’s, I get a beer. 

When you leave, there are always attendants at the door to hold it open for you and you always get a sincere smile and a “Have a good rest of your day”. 

Way to go Applebee’s!  You have Freddy and Tonya’s vote…barely.

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Terina November 15, 2012 at 04:18 PM
I have a major complaint about Applebees, they do not have a single vegetarian option on their menu (I have not been there in at least 6 mos though). When I complain they tell me they can make me rice and vegetables. Not good. I try to go once a year just to a) see if they have changed and b) make sure that they know that someone wants a veggie option. I don't want to order chicken pasta minus the chicken, it seems unfair that while not wanting to support the meat industry that I am still paying for meat.
Freddy Spaghetti and Tonya Lasagna November 16, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Terina, It seems like that is the major compliant I hear about the local restaurants. No vegetarian or gluten free. I know this isn't California but common local restaurants, try to look out for the restrictive diets in Fenton.
R Martin April 18, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Terina - you said exactly what I was going to say! I have been a vegetarian for years and every restaurant has at least one or two items (even Applebees used to). We went the other night (gift card) to get drinks and an appetizer. I believe there a 2-3 meatless appetizers. We were looking at the menu to see if it had changed and I asked the bartender if they had any vegetarian entrees - no, but some could have meat left off. Years ago and they had a veggie burger, tomato basil soup. spinach pizza etc. It's not just a health thing for many people, we're a diverse community and many religions require a vegetarian diet.


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