Freddy & Tonya Visit Ruby Tuesday

Freddy Spaghetti and Tonya Lasagna (mystery diners who are real Fenton residents) review area restaurants.

Tonight’s adventure takes us to a long time Fenton establishment, Ruby Tuesday. Well not really loooong, long time. About 15 years though. 

We usually get greeted at the door at Ruby’s, but tonight we didn’t.  We were seated immediately though and Shannon quickly greeted us and took our drink order.  Shannon has waited on us before and she is very pleasant. Shannon brought us our drinks and took our order.  Within minutes she brought us some mini-biscuits. 

“Hey Freddy, don’t ya wish these biscuits were more like Red Lobster’s biscuits? If Red Lobster were only closer I would go there just for the biscuits”. 

“Tonya, let’s stick to the matter at hand please.” 

The meals at Ruby Tuesday’s have been good. They do have a real nice selection to choose from. And that salad bar has to be the best in town!  We also like the side dish selection. There are plenty of health conscience selections to choose from. 

I must say, it seems like every time we visit Ruby Tuesday the kitchen seems to be a bit slow. 

“Yeah, Freddy, and we don’t even come when it is busy”.  

“Know what else Freddy?” 

“No, what Tonya?” 

“It seems as though the wait staff runs to this part and to that part of the restaurant and don’t really come by to see how we are doing that often.” 

Maybe they are short staffed during the slow times of the week?  

But when the food does finally reach us, it is hot and tasty.  Diners beware, if you like hot and spicy, Ruby’s has some fiery dishes. If you like it on the more mild side, don’t hesitate to ask them to take it easy on the spices. The kitchen does cook to order. 

We were asked if we wanted a dessert and since we are watching our weight, we kindly declined.  Maybe one day we will splurge.

After we paid our tab, we headed out. We usually get the door held for us by the hostess but she was busy sweeping the floor. Maybe she wasn’t paying enough attention to see that a diner was approaching. Maybe next time.

Nice job Shannon. Kitchen speed up a bit. Good food Ruby Tuesday. 

Until next time, eat well and eat out often. Our local restaurants are the best!

Let us know about your favorite or not so favorite restaurants in Fenton, Linden or Holly.  We would love to review them next.

You can follow all of the Fenton Mystery Diners adventures on Fenton Patch.

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C Anthony November 27, 2012 at 01:01 PM
I have read a few of these spaghetti and lasagna reviews, and I must say that these aren't really reviews at all. They seem more like someone telling us about their night out together instead of being critical of the reataurant they are reviewing. What did you order? How long between drink orders? What night of the week and how was the crowd? Was the food cooked to order? What about salad selections? What are the price ranges? What is the ambience of the retaurant being reviewed like? There are so many questions that spagghetti and lasagna (which are very tacky names) leave us asking. Perhaps they could do a better job talking about the menu and food quality and leave the friendly irrelevant banter out of the article. I would rather have a restaurant review and critique than a short story of someones cheerful dining experience. BORING!!
SamSnead November 27, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Don't go out to eat on Thanksgiving.
Shoemaker Services Inc. November 29, 2012 at 02:00 PM
We tried Ruby Tuesday's once. We found a fly in our ranch. They said it wasn't a fly, it was an ant. I feel so much better now.
R Martin November 29, 2012 at 03:36 PM
I have had both good and bad experiences at Ruby Tuesdays. The good experiences were several years ago and the bad seem to be more recent. Last year we were enticed to go back by one of the $10.00 coupons they sent out. I love the salad bar there but was not loving it at 2:00 am when I had a severe case of food poinsoning hit me. So no more salad bar. We went back a couple of months ago but only for drinks (great Bloody Marys by the way). They were busy and we noticed several customers having issues with the slow kitchen and the single bartender was having a hard time getting drinks done quickly. They need to get that kitchen running smoothly and watch the salad bar dressings for temperature to avoid food poisoning.
Sean Jacobs December 24, 2012 at 02:22 AM
really dude? its just a fun little column. if you don't like it then maybe you should do it yourself.


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