Clowns and Other Scary Stuff

It's all fun and games, until the clowns show up.

I have a fear of clowns, that is no secret. I get sweaty, nervous and basically run away from them when I see one. It's not just clowns, it is any dressed up person. Santa, sports mascots, the things that wave to you on street corners.....they all freak me out.

"You need to conquer your fear and interact with a clown,"  I was told. Well, I tried, sort of. I worked in a retail institution that was promoting the Cat in the Hat movie by having the Cat read his book to kids. One of my fellow co-workers(who knew of my clown fear) volunteered to be the Cat. He asked me to help him get into costume. Didn't even dawn on me that it might be a problem. We get his makeup on, zip him into his suit, put the hat on....I could feel the sweat and butterflies. "How do I look.......you ok?" He asked. "Fine..." I squeak. He laughs and turns to go see the kids.

Other fears need to be conquered as they interfere with your day to day life. I can go months and months without thinking about clowns. Someone with the fear of say Arithmophobia (fear of numbers) or Kathisophobia ( fear of sitting down)  might have a harder time. I can live with my fear, clowns are pretty easy to avoid, I don't plan on joining the circus anytime soon. And for anyone that has the bright idea to turn up in a clown suit.....don't!

Clowns, save your hate mail, I know it's all good fun and there are plenty of people out there that adore you. And to my friend Cat, you did great!

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Jennifer Alexander June 14, 2011 at 01:38 AM
i got followed around a bookstore by a life-sized clifford the dog. it traumatized me. i was 17.


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