A Valentine Surprise

It's all in the name of Love.

There are two kinds of people in this world, and they can be put into two groups. 

The first group loves fruitcake and the second just hasn't found one they like yet. I myself am convinced, that it's not the actual cake that some people don't care for, it is more about how you were raised. 

If you were lucky enough to grow up immersed in Christmas lights, soaked in spirit and sighing with frustration when you found dry pine needles stuck to the carpet in June, fruitcake is a problem, to be borne and overcome. 

If you were not so lucky, and the only greeting card that came in the mail was from your insurance agent, along with a little advertising calendar, the very mention of fruitcake makes you wish for someone to give you one. 

If the Christmas gifts you opened, were all pre-approved by you, and you still decided to return a few, no one is going to get away with simply baking your present anyways.

Exit Christmas, stage left and enter the New Year with the guilt of a saint and the determination of a sinner.  Soon, the resolutions made in desperation, lose their glitter, and gray skies make finding a groundhog suddenly attractive.

This is the perfect time for a holiday and this years heart shaped box of chocolates with a dozen roses on the dining room table, means someone loves you.  You are all about receiving a handmade paper card with three simple words written on it. 

"I Love You."

Nothing is a sure thing, and your heart races like mad, with hope.  A little bit of spirit makes you wear red and put on high heels or a suit and tie.  An invitation to dinner is what you are waiting for. 

Yesterday, I received a freshly baked, carefully wrapped, fruitcake. It came with a beautiful card and was referred to as 'Valentine Coffeecake'. It was baked  and gifted to me by the most wonderful friend.  My friend is near 90 and all of her recipes are wildly coveted.  I put slices on a footed cake plate with a lacy paper doily.  One bite, and I smiled while licking my fingers.  In traipsed assorted family and friends, and the plate was left with only a few crumbs. 

It's really poignant to me that not one groan was uttered and I hope my friend has a steady hand to write, or lots of printer ink.  Do you think it was the name change? 

Timing is everything. 

Happy Valentines Day, and I hope you get something sweet.



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Shawn Stevens February 13, 2012 at 08:55 PM
It just might have been the name change ;) Thank you, Mary, for the cute story. I haven't eaten a lot of fruit cake.I do think that people just don't like it or try it because they have been convinced it's bad.
Joe Kershaw February 13, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Mary, I am among the group that likes fruitcake. My mother use to bake them every Christmas. Now, I cannot find a fruitcake as good as my mom's, especially in Colombia.
Mary Miettinen February 14, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Wishing you a very special Valentine Blessing today Shawn and the delight of knowing that you made my day sweeter just knowing my writing was enjoyed. Mary
Mary Miettinen February 14, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Dear Joe, I think you should start a tradition and bring fruitcake joy to Colombia! A country as interesting and beautiful as Columbia should have their cake and eat it too! My best to you and thank you so much for all you write. You inspire me.


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