Dominick's Warriors Working to Have Law Passed Nationwide and Raising Support for Walk

Dominick's Law in Michigan stems from beating death of Argentine boy, 4, in 2010; The Million March Against Child Abuse will be in April 2013.

Editor's Note: This is a column by Denise Cline, of Dominick's Warriors.

"Dominick’s Warriors is a grass roots group of people lead by Dominick’s grandpa Rick Calhoun, who not only persisted in getting Dominick’s Law passed in Michigan but are also relentless in raising awareness in child abuse.

Dominick Calhoun was only 4-years-old when he was beaten to death by Brandon Hayes for having an accident while watching TV. Brandon Hayes beat Dominick from April 8, 2010 Until April 11, 2010 when three courageous young women saw Dominick and Corrine Baker laying on the floor and called Rick Calhoun and the police. Dominick and his mother Corrine were taken to the hospital and Dominick was placed on life support. On April 12, 2010 Dominick was taken off life support and was pronounced dead.   

Brandon Hayes received two consecutive life sentences and Corrine Baker received 13-30 years for her role in Dominick’s death. Since that moment Rick Calhoun and his family, friends and members of the community have formed Dominick’s Warriors, a nonprofit group dedicated to child abuse prevention and awareness. Our first order of business was to ensure that the laws against child abuse in Michigan were the toughest in the country, we did this. 1st Degree Child Abuse Life in Prison, 2nd Degree Child Abuse 10 years in Prison, Commit Abuse in front of another child, you are guilty of the same act on the child that witnessed the abuse. Forcing a child to witness abuse is abuse. View the law in its entirety @ https://www.facebook.com/DominicksWarriors?ref=hl 

At the moment we have many goals and ideas but our two main goals are to have Dominick’s Law in every state and The Million March Against Child Abuse April 2013, Washington D.C. & In Your State.

We believe that it is very possible to get Dominick’s Law in every state. The idea at the moment is too branch out across the country with our face book and web pages. As well, we have a few Dominick Warrior Board Members who are in the process of planning trips to various cities in the country to spread awareness about Dominick’s Warriors and Dominick’s Law. We want to reach as many people as possible. Once that happens the goal is to have a representative in each state to start to organize support and start the process of getting the Law passed.

Which brings us to the Million March Against Child Abuse April 2013. AKA MACA. Maca is a nonpartisan grassroots group, nationwide effort, to unite all child advocacy groups to march in unity against child abuse and all crimes against children, and to demand tougher sentencing for crimes against children.

Dominick’s Warriors have been asked to Lead the March in Washington D.C and we are on the planning and steering committee, as well. The premise for the nationwide walks is to get as many people as possible in as many states and cities as possible, in the hope that the government will take notice and some real change will come for our children. Our children are dying at an alarming rate and it is at the hands of their caregivers. The people who are supposed to love and protect them are murdering them everyday. We need the nation to take notice of this silent epidemic that is sweeping our nation. As advocates for Child abuse awareness we feel this is our duty to be part of this movement and we are very grateful and humbled by the experience. The amount of people taking part so far is staggering and there will be lives changed and saved because of this.

Please visit the main MACA page for more information. And please become a Dominick’s Warrior today (see this link). We cannot do this without your support. Every day we fight for Dominick, Lily, Blake and all of our children so that they can live and be safe and free the terror of abuse and neglect. This is what we do."

kevin cline November 30, 2012 at 03:51 AM
I'm all for this since the burden of proof is a lot higher in criminal court compared to dependency court. If you are convicted in criminal court of first degree child abuse' the chances you did the crime are substantial. The same can't be said for parents facing the prospect of a long drawn out investigation and losing your kids in dependency courts. Additionally, what happened to this boy was outrageous. What is also outrageous is how few people realize that a child is over 3 times more likeky to die in foster care than at the hands of the parents yet most people feel the system does no wrong.
Jenny Brinkley December 01, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Poor precious baby. I watch our grandchildren and am blessed to be able to because I would never bring harm to them and I have peace knowing they are safe in our home. I wish all little and the not so little children could be safe. Be happy with God and the Angels little sweet boy.
movinon December 01, 2012 at 05:07 AM
You are right about foster care Kevin. If people realized that the foster care system is run on funding awarded to foster care agencies by the State of Michigan and non-profit agencies like The United Way. This system basically rewards the foster care agencies for keeping as many children in care as possible by paying a daily rate for each child, with more difficult to care for children netting a higher per diem (daily rate). It has the directors of the agencies working tirelessly to keep the money coming in so they can keep their jobs. With that said every time our economy gets tight in Michigan we cut money for those programs. In essence, our children become worth less by the day. Foster parents need to have educational credentials, training, and respite care available so they can take a brake ie..a vacation, like other paid workers. Having 24/7 responsibility for that population is incredibly stressful. Children in the system are not, please pardon the phrase, normal. They need caregivers trained to meet their needs. Instead, we have a variety of people with a variety of motives for doing foster care, not all good. It should be a degree profession and perhaps for persons who decide not to have children of their own.
Susie Canfield December 31, 2012 at 05:45 AM
I agree with this law my grand children are being abused and I have called cps and I hope and pray they listen this time but they act like they don't want to listen because he is only 6 I hope this law gets passed I will do any thing to help
Geoff bellaver May 24, 2013 at 05:46 PM
I need help. My granddaughter is a neglectful home with her mother who is a drug abuser, gang member, prositute, a liar and manipultive. Wayne county cps and dhs will not help. Even after complaint after complaint. Please help! I can be reached at spacecowboy1238@yahoo.com.


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