Hi, Fenton! Nice to Meet You!

Leslie Ellis will serve as content recruiter, teaching community leaders, business owners, athletic and arts boosters, and anyone who has important information about the community how to use Patch!

Change is in the air.

We are only weeks away from the official start of spring and the days already are getting longer. Soon the tree buds will unfurl and the flowers will poke up through the soil to see the sun.

Here at Patch, things are changing, too. After more than two years as Fenton Patch editor, Jason Alexander recently said farewell as he moved on to a new role within the company. His departure ushered in a new era for Fenton Patch, one in which you will have the opportunity to serve as the community's voice.

What the heck does that mean?

As your content recruiter, I will be working with you to democratize Patch, to make it a news and information website of the people, by the people, for the people – to put in the parlance of the Gettysburg Address.

That means you won't see me around town with a notebook and camera in hand, as you did Jason.

Instead, I'll be teaching community leaders, business owners, athletic and arts boosters, and anyone who has important information to share about our community how to use the site. I'll also set up periodic coffee hours when you can stop by to chat or share your ideas!

Want to know how you can use Patch? I'll be happy to give you or your community group a tutorial and answer your questions! Just shoot me an e-mail at leslie.ellis@patch.com so we can set up a meeting or phone call.

How can you get involved?

Here are just a few ways you can tell the stories that make Fenton special and stay connected with your community on Patch!

  • To post a press release or other news: To get started, join Patch or sign in. Then, hover over the "News" tab, click "Announcements" and "Add An Announcement." It's pretty self-explanatory – you can even copy and paste from a Word file. I suggest users add a photo or image. Once you save, it appears on the site. (Tip: Please don't use ALL CAPS in your title.)
  • To put an event on the calendar: It's super easy! Select the "Events" tab at the top of the homepage and then "Add an event." Again, it's pretty self-explanatory from there. Once you save, it will automatically be on the calendar.
  • To advertise: Contact our ad rep Lisa Mazzola at lisa.mazzola@patch.com for more information. 
  • To blog: Go to the bottom of the Local Voices column in the middle of the homepage and click "Want to Blog on Patch?" Local Voices is a way to communicate useful information that isn't an announcement, event or advertisement. For example, you may wish to post "5 Tips to Make Your Business More Appealing to Foot Traffic," as an example.
  • Click here to read more ways you can get involved!

Once you've posted on Fenton Patch, I can feature your item in our morning newsletter, on Facebook and on our homepage, potentially reaching thousands of readers!

Who's already contributing

Lots of community members are making the most of Patch. Click the links below to see what just a few of our valued contributors have been posting!

  • Restaurant blog: Freddy Spaghetti and Tonya Lasagna
  • Rep. Joe Graves
  • Fenton Lions Club
  • Fenton United Methodist Church
  • Dr. Erica Peabody

I look forward to helping you connect with your community on Fenton Patch!

C.C. March 05, 2013 at 12:48 PM
It makes me sad to see Fenton.patch change. What made it special was a local, professional reporter who knew our community and was a recognizable face in the crowd. Breaking news posted as it happened throughout the day, an editor we knew to represent us fairly and accurately. I'm going to miss that. Change is never easy.
movinon March 06, 2013 at 07:32 PM
CC you must have meant to post this to Jason's goodbye story and not Leslie's opinion above.
movinon March 06, 2013 at 07:38 PM
Hi Leslie, Welcome to Fenton MI! Best wishes and good luck.
Leslie Ellis March 07, 2013 at 02:06 AM
Thank you so much for the warm wishes!! :)
Leslie Ellis March 07, 2013 at 02:09 AM
C.C., being a former Patch reporter/editor myself, I completely understand where you're coming from – change ISN'T easy. But, I think we can do great things on Fenton Patch – the big difference is that success will rely on your participation! Let's talk! You can e-mail me at leslie.ellis@patch.com or call me at 248-303-4434.


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