The Time is Now for Fenton with Cornerstone, Old Fire Hall

Old Fenton fire hall, Cornerstone Project could make Fenton a destination, but for now we are left waiting.

It seems like with every town I've spent a lot of time in, I'm left wondering what it could be instead of what it is.

I'm disappointed in trips to Detroit because of a lack of connection between hot spots, and wish it was more like Chicago or Toronto. I lived in Port Huron for two years wondering why the city couldn't capitalize on a gorgeous shoreline, other than a stretch of high-priced condos, one nice, but old and musty-smelling hotel and one sailboat race.

Lately, I've been left feeling the same way about Fenton.

I was more than happy to move back to the area about a year and half ago after growing up in the area. There is no longer a case for "There's nothing to do in Fenton." I'm not a skater or snowboarder, but I have heard teenagers speak very highly of .

If you haven't been inside The since their expansion, you are missing out. And my office away from my office has become .

Both and are top notch. And aside from the occasional and , the area doesn't have a lot of controversy.

However, with the failure of the and the slow progess of the , I'm still left thinking about what Fenton could be.

Fenton seems to be going in the right direction as people from all over know . Its sister company was a great addition to the area. I was impressed by the last year.

But it seems filling the old Fenton fire hall and completing the Cornerstone Project could really make Fenton destination and put it on the map.

Watching the Michigan Brewing Company deal dissolve was disheartening. I was looking forward to its completion since I moved back and now the

However, I felt pleasantly surprised with the new applicants, owners of , Royal Oak Brewery and the and believe they will be a better fit than Michigan Brewing Company.

I only hope they start restoring the building soon.

The Cornerstone Project is a great idea and could help push Fenton over the top. But its progress remains slow. Funding is hard to come by these days. I understand that, but I wish I could fast foward to see what Fenton really can become.

Because for now I'm still left wondering what it could be.

michael henk May 17, 2012 at 03:22 PM
You are right, those projects could make a big difference on the vision and future of Fenton. As I drove back into town late last night I was confronted by another project that could help define the public's view of Fenton. Kitty-corner from where the Cornerstone Building is planned stands the remains of an old gas station/bakery/florist. The building and overhead awning are an eyesore to everyone who enters or passes through our town. Maybe the DDA should purchase that building, cut off the portion not being used by the collision shop and put an appealing building/business on that corner.
Sean Rosekrans May 17, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Like everything else in Fenton grand ideas turn into nothing. I expect nothing more. I have been disappointed way too many times.


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