B and C Pharmacy Robbed For Third Time in 2011

Police say man demanded oxycodone and showed pistol.

Police are still searching for an armed robber who escaped from B and C Pharmacy Wednesday evening with three bottles of oxycodone, police said.

It is the . A 25-year-old-man is currently in jail on charges of robbing the pharmacy in January and February, Fenton Police Chief Rick Aro said. Tyler Earl Fischer-Greenfield, 25, of Holly in March on charges of another robbery, police said.

In Wednesday's case, Aro said the manager of the store called police just before 6 p.m. and said a man had entered the store handed an employee a note reading, “give me the oxy” and then he walked around the counter and pulled up his shirt revealing a black semi-automatic pistol in his belt.

The manager said he had grabbed three bottles of the drug form the back of the store and handed them to the alleged robber, who then sprayed the manager with substance similar to pepper spray, Aro said. The armed robber then ran west across the street and entered a dark blue Cadillac Escalade, witnesses told police.

The manager told police it was the third time that day that the man had entered the business, located on the 200 block of Silver Lake Road, Aro said. The manager said the man had been asking questions about oxycodone in his earlier visits.

Police had an officer nearby and he arrived within one minute of the call, Aro said, but could not locate the suspect or the vehicle.

The suspect is described as a male in his 20 or 30s, 6'2" to 6'4", 180 to 200 pounds, wearing a dark baseball cap, gray sweater and gray pants.

Detectives are investigating the case and encourage anyone with information to contact Fenton Police Department Det. Ron Skarzynski at 810-629-5311.

michael henk September 01, 2011 at 08:43 PM
How about a surveillance camera at this pharmacy? Also was this man caucasian, afro- american, hispanic? Why doesn't the news print the perpatrator's race? Seems that crime is up in Fenton, time to do a story on year-to-year levels of crimes in and around town.
Jeff December 09, 2011 at 09:18 PM
I was at the pharmacy just sitting in my car waiting for my sis to drop off some cash so I could pick up my scripts, it all happened so fast I didn't even see the guy come out, only saw the manager sprinting across the parking lot and thats when I was given the green light to follow so I tore through multiple parking lots and didn't even get a glimpse of the Escalade. The pharmacy now has an excellent surveillance system so these crimes will not continue at the rate they were going, hopefully this is the last time B and C is in the news for anything other than being a fantastic, EXCELLENT staffed, speedy service pharmacy that also provides the warm feeling of a family business in a small town. These folks work too hard to provide us with excellent service, it's a classic story of evil taking advantage of kindness. Please help catch this goon~!


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