ReSale 360 Owner: We are Making Preparations to Give Back Property

Fenton Police investigating complaints of owed money, property.

Fenton Police have received more than 20 complaints about the Fenton shop, which closed its doors, but many consignors say they are owed money or their property is still inside the store.

Owner Donna Hitz said she is making preparations to give the property back, but said the process may take time. She said there are 3,300 items in the store and some consignors with hundreds of items. Hitz said she will be calling customers and allowing them into the store to pick up their merchandise. She said she is afraid for her safety and will only let a couple people in at one time. Hitz said she has received multiple threatening messages along with people threatening her outside of the store.

"I can't get into screaming matches. I'm frustrated and I'm stuck," Hitz said. "I'm really sorry. I'm losing sleep."

Hitz closed the doors to the Fenton store Sunday because of financial reasons. She said the store has been for sale for a long time and for the last five weeks she believed she had a buyer. When that deal fell through, however, she said she was forced to close the doors.

"This is a failed business. I'm broke." Hitz said.

She said if she files for bankruptcy immediately no one would be able to retrieve their property. Hitz said she wants to wait so she can safely return the items in the store to the rightful owners.

"I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to argue," Hitz said. "I want to give people their stuff back."

Chief Rick Aro said police are taking complaints and will continue to do so.

“We have talked to the store owners and they do intend to return any property still in their possession to the rightful owners,” Aro said. “They are talking to an attorney regarding financial matters. They requested police stand by and we agreed to help them out.”

Aro said officers are dealing with complaints on a case-by-case basis and determining whether it’s a civil or criminal case.

“We will continue to investigate those cases,” Aro said. “We believe a lot of them are criminal.”

Many Fenton Patch readers commented on a previous blog post about the .

Barbara Warner posted that she never received a March check for $225 and that she has another $200 worth of merchandise in the store.

"I am so disgusted. The store looks half empty, but I would like the opportunity to take back my stuff, if it is even there. Looks like it's been picked over. This was merchandise sold in the store, for which the owners received the money in January and February."

Stephanie Pytlowanyj posted, "I'm shocked. 360 seemed to be a thriving business and they even opened a store in Brighton. I hope that whatever is going on can be resolved to everyone involved."

Hitz opened store at 1022 Silver Lake Road about three years ago after being open in Holly for three years. The name of the store changed from Garage Sale 360 & Hitz Consignments to ReSale 360.

Another ReSale 360 in Brighton opened in the fall of 2011. Aro said it is the same situation with the . Hitz said she does have a buyer for the Brighton location.

Jane Webber April 07, 2012 at 03:48 AM
MH where was the third address that they had a resale /consignment store at???? I know of 2 and I was there when both opened... you state you were a consigner but were you EVER a buyer???? did you help out this local business in any way or did you just expect them to do ALL the work and sell your stuff.... and they only slightly MODIFIED their name... probably like you did if you were married.... still the same person... slightly different name.... they didn't try to "HIDE" so why the comment about the 3 addresses and 2 different names.... you have a real problem and I am just sorry I cannot tell you what it is in this public forum...
stephanie pytlowanyj April 07, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Jane, the first store was a Holly location. I went there once and it wasn't my cup of tea. Then the store was moved to Silver Lake Rd, next to Fenton Storage. The final move was across the street where it's now located. Out of all 3 locations the current was the best.
Jane Webber April 07, 2012 at 12:31 PM
Right... I know about the Holly store ...BUT that was NOT a consignment store..... that was a store where she was buying storage units and large lots say from estate sales and selling them so that was 100% her money.... folks need to get their facts straight before spouting off.... everyone is soooooo vindictive without wanting to give someone a chance or be understanding at all.... all these "perfect" people make me ill.... I understand they all want their things back but will screaming, banging on the windows and acting like toddlers get them back any faster or garner them any sort of respect???? everything any more is ME, ME, ME and it's sickening... she could have just filed bankruptcy and said screw everyone and no one would have gotten any thing.... and then left town.... sounds like it might have been the better way to go the way she has been treated....
Jane Webber April 07, 2012 at 06:26 PM
MH I consigned LOTS of stuff there when they first opened... everything I had to get rid of and then some.... I have nothing left to get rid of..... most of my stuff was consigned when they were across the street.... and I shall say it again... the Holly store was NOT a consignment store..... and I purchased some stuff too.... I have a fairly small house so I didn't need much and I'm not into decorating much.... I purchased stuff from all 3 of her stores..... I understand everyones dissapointment but I think some understanding and patience is in order.
Layla February 01, 2013 at 07:14 AM
Rude is putting it kindly. Sketchy business practices as well. Untruthful about metal contents of NEW jewelry which is illegal as well as unscrupulous! Epic fail and I can honestly say as a family that had a shop 6+ times that size that with all merchandise on consignment and what they may have sold off online they should have had no problem staying in business. My guess is their rudeness drove people away. I stopped recommending them after their extreme rudeness directed at me for no apparent reason.


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