Fenton Township Shooting Victim Testifies 'I Know That’s Him That Shot Me'

Robert Johnson testifies David Eddie Collins shot him during preliminary exam Wednesday in 67th District Court.

David Eddie Collins sat in an orange jumpsuit and chains shaking his head Wednesday as Robert Johnson testified that Collins broke into his home, robbed him and shot him April 14 in .

Johnson said he and Collins, 23, of Flint, exchanged gunfire that day on the 13000 block of Linden Road in the preliminary exam in front of Judge Mark McCabe in 67th District Court in Flint.

“I was trying to kill him because he was in my house trying to kill me,” Johnson told the court. “It was my life or his life.”

McCabe bound the case over to circuit court after hearing Johnson’s testimony. The date on the next court appearance was not immediately available.

After Johnson gave his testimony, he walked by Collins and Collins became visibly upset.

“Did you see that?” Collins said. “He winked at me.”

The exchange prompted Collin’s lawyer Tricia Raymond-Ponsetto to ask for video footage from the court room as evidence.

Robert Johnson's testimony

Johnson told the court a blow to the head from a gun woke him up around 10 p.m. April 14 and he saw a large black man with a black hoodie and a bandana covering his face standing over him.

“Bitch (expletive) let me get your money,” Johnson testified the man said.

Johnson stated he then told the man the money was in his pants pocket on the floor of his bedroom. He said the man grabbed around $2,000 and demanded more when a second suspect entered the room.

Police have said the second suspect is believed to be Kalien Stubbs, who has since been murdered in Flint. Johnson said the men then began taking his jewelry and looking through shoe boxes.

He said his phone rang and he tried to answer it, hoping the person on the other end would notice the commotion and call police.

Johnson said as he lie in bed, Collins put a gun to his face.

“I begged,” he said. “I told him to take my Cadillac.”

Johnson said Collins then shot him in his right hip and the bullet exited through his back. He said Collins then ran into the other room and talked to the other suspect.

“I heard them talk about finishing me off,” Johnson said.

He said the second suspect re-entered the bedroom and he was able to wrestle the gun away from him. Johnson said Collins then walk towards the bedroom when he fired and believed he shot Collins in the chest. Police have said the shot hit Collins’ hand and that he went to Hurley Hospital on April 17 for treatment. Collins wore a wrap on his right hand Wednesday.

After being shot, Johnson said both suspects fled down the stairs. Johnson said he chased after him and fired at him again from the top of the stairway. Johnson said he saw blood spattered all over the wall after the shot.

Johnson then said he exited the side of the house, towards a red barn behind the home and threw the gun he had taken from the second suspect into the woods, before running for help to a neighbor, who called 911.The prosecutor asked if Johnson recognized either of the suspects in the room.

“Yes I do,” he said pointing to Collins. “He’s right over there in a pretty bright orange jumpsuit.”

Johnson said he recognized his face, and his distinct eyes and nose, even with a bandana that had covered the bottom half of his face during the incident.

“I know that’s him that shot me,” he said.

Johnson then said police previously had him identify a picture of Collins among two pages of around eight photographs. He said after a few minutes he was able to circle the picture of Collins and identify him.

Collins, who was being watched by two female officers in the court room, could be seen shaking his head.

Genesee County Sheriff’s Capt. Terence Green has said on April 30 during another incident at a Flint home

During the cross-examination, Johnson said he was on parole for attempted armed robbery and breaking and entering. Raymond-Ponsetto asked if he arranged to meet anyone that night, invited individuals into his home or shot or chased the suspects outside the home and he said no. Johnson also said he did not know how they entered the home.

Raymond-Ponsetto said  placed in the woods.

“I was scared,” Johnson told the court, answering why he discarded the gun.

What's next

McCabe said it was very clear a crime was committed and probable cause to believe Collins was involved before he bound the case to circuit court. Attorneys are still waiting for more ballistic and DNA evidence.

Collins faces up to life in prison on charges of armed robbery, home invasion and felony firearm possession.


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