Pharmacy Faces Armed Suspect for Second Time

Man with handgun demands pills from B and C Pharmacy for second time in a month.

A man with a handgun entered on Silver Lake Road and demanded pills at for the second time in about a month Tuesday, police said.

Fenton police Detective Scott Townsend said a man entered the pharmacy around 3:30 p.m., showed a handgun and demanded oxycontin. Townsend said an employee called police and the three employees in the store at the time exited the building.

Townsend said an officer in an unmarked police car was in the area at the time and arrived at the scene in less than two minutes, but the suspect had already fled without any pills.

Because of tracks in the snow, police believe the man may have ran out the back door and up the hill to a nearby parking lot and then may have fled an in unknown vehicle.

Townsend said police believe the man to be the same suspect in another reported robbery on Jan. 20.

In that incident, Lt. Jason Slater said a man entered the pharmacy on around 11 a.m. and showed a black pistol and demanded two different kinds of narcotics. Slater said employees gave the suspect the drugs and then went to the back door to see where the man ran, but said he was not seen after leaving the store. Those pills were valued at $850.

In Tuesday’s incident, police believe the man was scared off before grabbing any pills.

Townsend said people in the area were interviewed, but police received no solid description of the suspect or the vehicle.

Townsend said employees reported the alleged robber was described as a male, 20 to 30-years-old, 5'8" to 5'10", weighing 150 pounds, wearing a tan Carhartt Jacket, a dark scarf and dark sunglasses.

“It’s just strange,” said Fenton resident Doug Heron, who has been a patron of the pharmacy for 15 years and was there about an hour after the incident. “There’s usually not too much crime here. It seems like he’s (the alleged robber) more scared than the residents. It’s a sad deal.”

B & C Pharmacy employees declined to comment.

Police are asking that anybody who was in that area around that time and saw anything suspicious to call the police department at 810-629-5311.

Townsend said other agencies have been notified to be on the lookout for suspects fitting the description.


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