Fenton Dispatcher Helps Solve 2 Crimes for 2 Departments

The information in these reports is provided by the Fenton Police Department; an arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction.

Danielle Shorrock works at the Fenton Police Department as a dispatcher, not a detective, but her actions Monday may lead you to believe otherwise.

Shorrock helped solve two different crimes on her way home from work around 3 p.m. on Monday.

She saw an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy placing a red, chopper style bicycle with red flames on the seat, into his patrol car, said Chief of Police Rick Aro. The bicycle resembled one reported stolen in Fenton earlier that day.

A 44-year-old Fenton woman reported her son’s bicycle stolen from the yard around 11:30 that morning, Aro said. She said an acquaintance of her son had taken the bike before without asking, but returned it soon afterward.

Shorrock stopped and told the deputy about the stolen bicycle, and he said he was seizing it because it was used in a breaking and entering, the police report said. Later, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department contacted Fenton police to confirm the bicycle the deputy seized was the one reported stolen in Fenton. It was, Aro said.

But the name of the person Oakland County had for the breaking and entering wasn’t the name Fenton police had for the person who Fenton police suspected of taking the bike, he said. The man, 23, of Fenton, had lied about his identity to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department.

With the information from Fenton police, Oakland County was able to complete its investigation, Aro said. The bike was returned to its owner, and Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is prosecuting the Fenton man for both the breaking and entering and possession of the stolen bicycle.

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