Police Chief: Man Suspected in 2 Armed Robberies in Fenton Now Captured

Son and mother charged with armed robbery of pharmacy in Independence Township.

Chief Rick Aro said he believes the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department has captured a man responsible for .

Aro said statements and evidence collected convinced him it’s the same man who twice went into on Jan. 20 and Feb. 22 with a handgun and demanded drugs.

The press release from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department stated deputies were advised that a male, armed with what looked like a handgun, had entered the Independence Township pharmacy on Tuesday, announced the robbery, and escaped with a quantity of drugs.

According to the press release, the pharmacist followed the man as he ran from the building and saw him get into an older model white Cadillac, with an out of state plate, which had a busted out and taped up driver’s side rear window. The vehicle, driven by a female, left the parking lot and immediately turned on to southbound I-75.

An officer performed a traffic stop on the vehicle and arrested the suspect, identified as Tyler Earl Fischer-Greenfield, 25 and the driver, Fischer-Greenfield’s mother, Pamela Jane Allen, 50, both of Holly, according to the press release.

It also stated officers recovered a handgun and drugs reported stolen.

Police discovered through questioning that Fischer-Greenfield admitted he was responsible for two robberies in Fenton as well was one in Waterford and Milford, the press release stated. He admitted that he had been alone and without his mother’s knowledge when he did these other robberies, police said.

According to the release, the pharmacist reported the subject was wearing a black knit watch cap, a pulled up hoodie, a tan scarf wrapped around his face and mouth, and large reflectorized sunglasses and at the counter, similar to the Fenton incidents, police said. The suspect showed the gun demanded Oxycontin. The pharmacist placed three bottles of Oxycontin (220 tablets) in a bag and gave it to the subject who fled.

According to the release, Fischer-Greenfield told police he was now living at his mother’s residence, and that the power had been shut off for non-payment. Fearing that Protective Services would remove his younger brothers from the residence if they found out, it was their plan to rob a drug store for Oxycontin, and in addition to using some, to sell the remainder and use that money to get the power restored. He also stated that the pistol was actually his younger brother’s air-soft gun that he had removed the red tip from the front of the gun, police said.

Aro said police will be requesting a warrant early next week for the Fenton incidents.

Both suspects have been arraigned in Clarkston District court.

Fischer-Greenfield was charged with armed robbery and delivery/manufacture of a controlled substance less than 50 grams, police said.

Allen was charged with armed robbery, police said.


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