Sheriff's Department Returns to Fenton Township Shooting Scene

It appeared police were collecting more evidence from the scene.

Several Genesee County Sheriff's Department cars were parked on the scene of Saturday's on Tuesday.

Police said there was nothing new in the investigation and declined to comment further.

It appeared officers were collecting evidence from the scene. One officer was looking closely at the front door of the home, which still had blood showing Sunday morning after what police believe may have been a shootout Saturday night at the home on the 13000 block of Linden Road.

There were police dogs on scene. There was also a bag of what appeared to be clothing sitting near a police car.

Police arrived around 12:30 p.m. and stayed on the scene for several hours.

Genesee County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Terence Green said Monday the homeowners reported three suspects broke into the Fenton Township home. Green said at least six shots were fired from two different guns from both inside and outside the home. Homeowner Randy Johnson said his son Robert Johnson, 23, was shot during the incident.

Green said there some inconsistencies in the story and that it’s possible the suspects were shot.

Randy Johnson said his son posted a picture of $5,000 in a box on Facebook and when the men entered the home, they asked him where the money was. Randy said the men ripped down the back gate and came in through the back door of the home, before ransacking the house and taking the $5,000.


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