Violence Rare in Fenton Area

Many residents shocked to hear about shooting, robbery in Fenton Township.

Despite the recent , violent crimes remain low in Fenton, according to reports, and many local residents said they feel safe living in the area, but do have concerns.

Fenton had 15 violent crimes in 2010, according to FBI statistics, while Linden had one. Numbers for 2011 have not yet been released.

Here is the rundown of 2010 crimes in Fenton:

  • 0 murders
  • 1 rape
  • 2 robberies
  • 12 aggravated assaults
  • 325 property crimes
  • 38 burglaries
  • 268 larcenies/thefts
  • 19 Vehicle thefts
  • 0 arsons

"Violence is rare in the area. We are 100 percent positive this (the Fenton Township Shooting) was not random. They were targeted," said Genesee County Sheriff's Department Capt. Terence Green.

There were 29 violent crimes in Fenton in 2009 including two rapes, eight robberies and 19 aggravated assaults. Linden had one robbery. In 2008, Fenton had 18 violent crimes, including six rapes, one robbery and 11 aggravated assaults. Linden has just one aggravated assault. There were 16 violent crimes in 2007 in Fenton with one rape, three robberies and 12 aggravated assaults. Linden had no violent crimes in 2007.

Flint has been labeled at the most violent city in the country with 22 violent crimes per 100 residents, slightly higher than second-place Detroit. According to FBI statistics, Flint had 2,412 violent crimes, including 53 murders and 92 forcible rapes in 2010.

Many people posted on the Fenton Patch Facebook Page that they were surprised to hear about a shooting in their community.

Anna D'Angelo Attard said that she moved to the Fenton area to get away from crime.

"...We are close to the crime in Flint, however, so we should all be mindful about keeping track of what is happening in our neighborhoods. Diligence is the best weapon against crime, in my experience," she posted.

"Eeeeeekkk! A lil too close for me," Cortney Turner Gwaltney posted.

"Terrifying," John Nicholson posted "That's just blocks from me. I grew up in Clarkston, moved my family here in 2005. No where is safe anymore it seems."

Jason Alexander April 17, 2012 at 12:01 PM
Do you feel safe in the Fenton community? Or is crime becoming a little too close and frequent for you?
Shawn Stevens April 17, 2012 at 12:43 PM
I feel safer than I did when I lived in Flint. There will always be some crime it's unavoidable.And I feel safer with my children in Fenton and Linden Schools in comparison to Flint.My oldest son was picked on in Flint Schools.He was small and had long hair, so he was pushed around and called little white girl.He was bullied to the point he didn't want to go to school. Luckily he was accepted into Mott Middle College and went on to graduate from Mott Middle College. When my daughter wasn't accepted into Mott Middle College I decided it was time to get my family out of Flint and someplace safer. So yes I still feel safe and I am glad to be in Fenton. And proud to say that this year will mark the third child of mine to graduate from Fenton High School.
stringbob April 17, 2012 at 03:18 PM
I feel safe, but the recent shooting in extremely-safe-Linden proves that crime hath no boundaries. We're only a 20 minute drive from the most violent city in America. To think their crime can't, or won't come to our area would be irresponsible on my part. If it shows up, I'm ready. Here's hoping it never does, again.


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