All Lanes of Fenton's Leroy Street Scheduled to Open Next Friday

Road will be much improved after the construction, council members say.

All lanes of North Leroy Street are scheduled to be open to traffic on Sept. 21, as winds to an end.

"Hang on and you'll have a speed trap out there again," said Councilman Les Bland at Monday's meeting.

Construction began May 14, and it will have taken less than four months to complete it, Bland said. That's a very good time period for a project of its size, he added, and will be ten times better than it ever was when the work is completed.

It will be a very good road, Mayor Sue Osborn agreed. In the meantime, all of the businesses on North Leroy street are accessible to customers.

"You have to have patience and be courteous," said Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl King. "Let's all work together and get this job done and have a nice piece of work when it's done."

The road experienced on Sept. 4, because private stormwater systems along North Leroy Street weren't large enough where they enter the city's system, King added. The drains on private property aren't big enough to handle that amount of water, she said.

Also on the subject of streets, Councilwoman Pat Lockwood suggested having a traffic count done at the North Road and Torrey Road intersection. It's a difficult intersection, because of a curve in the road, and a traffic light might be needed there, she said. The guardrail on the south side of North Road has been hit many times.

Lockwood added that there might be a timing issue with the traffic light at Silver Lake Road and Poplar Street.

Many businesses had .


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