Fenton DDA Approves Lease for Clarkston Union Owners to Renovate Old Fenton Fire Hall

The DDA will provide $100,000 financial incentive and a lease of $1 per year for five years.

The Fenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) unanimously approved a lease agreement with the owners of the Tuesday to allow them to renovate the old Fenton Fire Hall.

The DDA will provide the Clarkston Union owners with a $100,000 financial incentive, said DDA Director Michael Burns. It will be the last money invested in the building, he added.

The Clarkston Union owners will have the option of purchasing the building for $1 after five years. The lease on the building, annually, is $1, Burns said.

This is different from the DDA's lease with which the . Michigan Brewing Company had a seven-year lease to purchase agreement with the DDA, and a $400,000 financial incentive, said DDA Chairman Craig Schmidt. The new agreement with Clarkston Union leaves Fenton DDA with $300,000 to invest in other projects.

Officials are still working on some language in the lease, specifically regarding insurance. Clarkston Union owners Curt Catallo and Ann Stevenson would like to have insurance on the building as well the DDA.

The lease called for the restaurant to be open by April 30, 2013. It calls for site plan approval by Sept. 1, 2012.

"We are excited to be here every time we drive into town," Catallo said. "We are committed to making this work."

The and 60 beers on tap, visible through a glass window. The menu would include the , customized with bacon and other items.

"We measured every inch of the building," Catallo said. "This is the point where plans start to be a reality. We can get some dirt on our hands instead of just the ink we've been dealing with."

Catallo said he has plans for a patio on the roof of the building, and a bar downstairs. Catallo said seating would be very communal. He said construction could be completed for $1.3 to $1.6 million.

"Welcome to town," DDA Chairman Craig Schmidt said to Catallo and Stevenson. "We look forward to you moving bricks around and getting the place open."


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