Fenton has Received Only 1 Chicken Keeping Application

Fenton officials passed the chicken ordinance in September.

For all the squawking about chickens in the city of Fenton this summer, there has only been one application submitted to house the birds.

City of Fenton Building & Zoning Secretary Linda Davis stated that one application has been approved since the chicken ordinance was passed in September.

The cost of a permit is $25 and there is an annual inspection cost of $25.

In September, after spirited public comment and a failed attempt to allow six chickens, Fenton City Council voted 6-1 to allow residents to keep up to three chickens, with restrictions.

The issue of chicken keeping in Fenton arose when a resident made a complaint about an Adelaide Street residence having chickens. The resident, Malissa Bossardet, asked the city to allow her to keep the which she uses for eggs to feed her family.

Council approved allowing three chickens, with restrictions outlined in the ordinance. In addition, when it approved building and zoning fee increases, council set a $25 fee to cover the cost of annual permits for chicken keeping. Since Fenton's ordinance is regulatory instead of zoning, there are fines for not following it.

Council can revist the issue in a year and make adjustments if needed, said Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl King.

Fentonite January 14, 2013 at 04:50 PM
This kerfuffle reminds me of a Shakespearean play title: "Much Ado About Nothing." It is very typical for politicians to create a problem where none existed. Then in typical fashion, the politicians come on their white horses to save us from ourselves. Ergo: they fix problems that they themselves created. I am gong to surmise that the beleaguered home owner, Malissa, is the sole person that had applied for the "chicken" permit in order to keep peace with the council. Malissa possessed the chickens before this upheaval. She still possesses the chickens. What was the the actual change to make this poultry problem go away after much time and effort? Presto, "50 bucks" to the city coffers----problem poof---all gone. Personally, I would donate the chickens to a deserving facility where they will be appreciated by nature lovers before paying a red-cent to the city treasury. Ms. Bossardet my heart goes out to you for fighting the good fight. Your children have lost a valuable learning experience about God's little creatures. They, on the other hand, will learn what fees, regulations, and the power of government can do.
DON January 14, 2013 at 05:51 PM
I will take my neighbors chickens anyday over a outside dog that barks all night.
Richard Smith January 15, 2013 at 01:37 AM
Hell, I'd take neighbor's chickens over some of my neighbors.


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