Fenton's North LeRoy Street Project to Begin Soon

It's expected to finish by the end of August; access to businesses and a lane in each direction will stay open.

With warmer weather, comes road construction season. And Fenton area motorists can expect to see construction signs and orange barrels soon on Still, a lane in each direction and access to businesses will remain open throughout the project, said Department of Public Works Director Daniel Czarnecki.

Construction on the city of Fenton's North LeRoy Street project is expected to start early next month and wrap up for the most part by the last Friday in August, before school begins, Czarnecki said.

The city is opening bids from contractors on Friday, with the total project estimated at around $1.32 million. In addition to construction, expenses include engineering and materials testing. Fenton's engineering consultants for the project are the city engineering firm.

At Monday's meeting, city council could award a $28,000 contract to Schleede-Hampton Associates, Inc., of Birmingham, for materials testing and related engineering. It will save Fenton money by contracting directly with Schleede-Hampton Associates and receiving bills from the firm, instead of having OHM contract with Schleede-Hampton Associates on behalf of the city, Czarnecki said.

City council is expected to award the project to the successful construction contractor soon after Fenton opens these bids Friday, he said. After that, it will take the contractor around four to six weeks to get insurance, bonds and other details in place before construction can begin.

"It's almost here," he said.

It will be a huge improvement in the north end of the city, Czarnecki added. "That road is getting rougher by the day."

Two lanes of traffic, one in each direction, will remain open during the project. The street is a five-lane one.

Construction will begin on the east part of the road, near grocery, because the east side of LeRoy Street will need a lot more work than the west one, Czarnecki said. The area of the street in front of VG's needs stabilization where it dips lower, and changes to curbs and driveways.

Mayor Sue Osborn asked about access to businesses in the area, during the construction. Czarnecki said access will remain open to businesses along North LeRoy Street, many of which have parking lots that are interconnected. There will be ways for drivers to reach the businesses.

City officials will hold a meeting for business owners after the contractor receives the bid award, he said. Fenton will notify the businesses of the meeting, so people can ask questions and obtain information.

Genesee County also has a separate road project in the LeRoy Street area coming up, from the city limits north to Butcher Road. City administration has asked county administration for information.

"We are waiting for their plans and cost estimates for a one-block section in the city," Czarnecki said at Monday's council work session. "It should have been to us a month ago."

Jason Alexander April 04, 2012 at 07:58 PM
What affect do you think this will have on traffic in the area?
Becky Joe April 05, 2012 at 12:48 PM
I think traffic will slow some as people will avoid the area.
jeff waddle April 06, 2012 at 06:00 AM
Does anyone know if the walkways will be affected?
jeff waddle April 06, 2012 at 06:03 AM
Are they stopping construction at north rd? Why not continue to where the new resteruant and shopping facility will be?? (Maybe up my driveway?)


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