Fenton to Defend Against Unfair Labor Practices Charge

DPW worker's dispute is with Teamsters regarding contract negotiation, but charge could affect Fenton's agreement with its DPW, attorney says.

A Fenton Department of Public Works (DPW) employee is disputing how his union handled contract negotiations last year, and the city also must defend against an unfair labor practices charge, said city attorney Stephen Schultz.

The Fenton DPW contract received final approval last November.

The employee is unhappy with the way the union handled negotiations for the contract, Schultz said. And because of the nature of the charge, Fenton will be one of the two parties to the charge, with the union.

While the dispute isn’t between the DPW employee and the city, it could affect Fenton’s contract with the Teamsters union, he said. Thus, Fenton doesn’t have much choice but to participate in the charge.

Schultz did not name the employee, saying it involved a personnel matter.


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