Graves Reintroduces Bill to Repeal the Pension Tax

House Bill 4130 is a reintroduction of a bill he proposed last year to repeal recent pension tax changes.

State Rep. Joseph Graves reintroduced legislation to repeal pension tax changes that went into effect in 2012.

House Bill 4130 is a reintroduction of a bill he proposed last year to repeal recent pension tax changes.

"I continue to hear concerns from my constituents about how pension tax changes have affected them," said Graves, R-Argentine Township. "I did not support changes to how pensions are taxed and still believe we should revert back to the previous pension tax structure. While I was not able to get this legislation through last session, I remain committed to repealing this tax change. I am introducing this legislation again in order to help seniors who have already retired, are on fixed incomes and didn't have a way to plan for this tax change."

Graves has written about his opinions about the pension tax on Fenton Patch.

Prior to 2012, all public pensions were tax-free in Michigan and private sector pensions had substantial personal exemptions.  The new law made changes to both the public and private pension exemption amount for those born after 1946.  Full details of the new tax rates can be found here.

HB 4130 was referred to the House Committee on Tax Policy.

*Information provided by Michigan House Republicans.

Steve Losey January 31, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Here we go again! Joe putting on a show like he cares about anyone but himself. Reintroducing a bill that was originally written and introduced my the Democratic Part just over a year ago. The Republicans buried it in Committee. After the Paul Scott recall Joe wins the partial term election on a Republican Primary election date. He touts that HE created a bill to repeal the tax, that he didn't agree with the taxing of pensions. There's no talk about his voting for a budget that included that tax as a major revenue source. Can't have it both ways Joe! Could it be that he personally is feeling the effects of the tax on HIS pension from GM? Hard to imagine that would upset him seeing as he's now pulling down 80k+ from the tax payers for working only 85 days a year. File your taxes folks, wait until you see what good 'ol Joe has done for us.
Robert Marr January 31, 2013 at 11:14 PM
Come on, Steve! You're bigger than that. Let the man do his job, and when his term is up, you can run again. Who knows. You may even win.
Scott Gormley February 01, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Okay, everyone take a deep breath. Steve, do you ever give anyone any credit to anyone other than a democrat? Joe has said that he wanted to repeal the pension tax from day 1. Tell me where the democrat bill to repeal the pension tax is right now? Would you rather have him not follow through on his promises? We finally have a person that does what he says he's going to do and then you blast him? Seriously Steve, you are starting to sound a little bitter. Also, that budget you said was so bad... it ADDED (that's another word for increased) $120 per-pupil funding to the schools with the base funding levels to lower the inequality of education funding from one district to another. So he is also helping to bring funding for our schools back. Would you rather him vote against that?
Steve Losey February 01, 2013 at 08:43 PM
Scott, Truth be told, I don't care for too many Democrats that blow smoke everyone's rear end either. If I remember correctly the bill was number 4818? maybe 4819, I'll have to look back in my records to be sure. The bill came out right after the pension tax was voted in. The majority stuck it in committee and that's where it sat. The majority wouldn't even bring it up for discussion. Follow through on what he said he was going to do???? Once again he voted through a budget that had that pension tax (the same one he claims to be so much against) as one of the key revenue sources for corporate tax welfare. Bitter????? You're damn right I'm bitter! Just filed my taxes, man did my family get hit hard. $120 per pupil increase???? Are you serious???? They cut $470 per pupil the year before. Giving $120 back is nothing. As a school board trustee I'm trying to operate a school district $350 per pupil in the hole. Lower the inequity of education funding???? Once again, are you serious????? Those 20J districts are still out there, still bringing in $9000+ to over 11,000+ per student. In Linden we're trying to stay afloat bringing in under $7000. I would rather he stand up for everyone, not just his political party and their interests.
Steve Losey February 01, 2013 at 09:01 PM
Robert, I speak the truth, more so than any Democrat or Republican in office. Grave's ain't doing his job and I don't know if WE as the general public can survive until his term is up. I was never in the political scene until that Special Election to replace Paul Scott. I did that because I was asked to. It wasn't ME they wanted, it was my resume. The second election (general) I ran again because I wanted a "clean" shot at it without any outside party influences. You know what? I did better the second time around even though the district was redrawn to insulate the Republican Party. I didn't get one penny or one minute of help from the Democratic Party. I'm not about "taking sides" and our system doesn't view that as acceptable at this time. It's truly sad. Politics is dirty man, more corrupt than I ever thought it was. It's not about you or me or the people anymore. It's about a bunch of money grubbing "yes" men and women working for anyone BUT the people. Don't know if I'll ever run again, lost a lot of faith in the process. Mostly makes me sad, folks like Scott (below) want so badly to believe in something, they'll believe blindly in anything. Mostly scared for my kids and the working folks of Michigan, we've got nobody to believe in anymore, no one who will just try and do the right thing.


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