Macomb Township Elections 2012: Republicans Sweep Local Races, Police Millage Renewed

Macomb Township voted Republicans into every local office save that of District 9 county commissioner.

Macomb Township swept red Tuesday, with Republicans winning all but one local race.

Winning 25,133 votes Tuesday, Trustee Janet Dunn will become the township's next supervisor and the first woman to hold this position. Current Clerk Michael Koehs, Treasurer Karen Goodhue and trustees Dino Bucci, Roger M. Krzeminski and Nancy Nevers all won re-election, with newcomer Clifford Freitas taking the fourth trustee position.

It should be noted that there were no Democratic candidates on the ballot for township board seats.

The lone Democrat to win in Macomb Township was District 9 County Commissioner Fred Miller, who defeated Republican Juliana Sabatini. District 13 County Commissioner Joe Sabatini, a Republican, also held onto his seat by a margin of more than 7,000 votes.

Republican State Reps. Anthony Forlini (District 24) and Ken Goike (District 33) also won re-election.

The renewal of the police protection millage, which covers Macomb's contract with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office, passed with more than 66 percent of the vote.

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  • Barack Obama Re-elected President

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All results are unofficial until confirmed by the county clerk.

Macomb Township Supervisor Results Janet Dunn 25,133 Macomb Township Clerk Results Michael Koehs
25,266 Macomb Township Treasurer Results Karen M. Goodhue
24,995 Macomb Township Trustee, 4 positions Results Dino Bucci
22,070 Clifford W. Freitas
19,802 Roger M. Krzeminski
20,558 Nancy J. Nevers


Chippewa Valley Schools, Partial Term (1 seat)
Results Grace Caporuscio 10,254 Euel Kinsey 7,675 Elizabeth A. Pyden 13,149 L'Anse Creuse Public Schools (2 seats)
Results Charles W. Eslinger 8,241 Earl Fuller Jr. 6,210 Mary L. Hilton 10,027 Sharon L. McTavish Ross 8,416 L'Anse Creuse Public Schools, Partial Term (1 seat)
Results Linda McLatcher 16,144 New Haven Community Schools (2 seats)
Results Tracy Bonkowski 2,995 Gina Walker 2,821


Police Protection Millage Results Yes 24,642
No 12,211


Macomb County Commissioner, 9th District
Results Fred Miller, Democrat
Juliana Sabatini, Republican
Macomb County Commissioner, 13th District Results Jonathan Garstka, Democrat
10,513 Joe Sabatini, Republican


State Representative, 24th District Results Philip Kurczewski, Democrat 18,507 Anthony Forlini, Republican 22,360 State Representative, 33rd District Results Martha O'Kray, Democrat
Ken Goike, Republican 24,153

8:01 P.M.

The polls have closed. Check back here on Macomb Patch throughout the night for the latest news and results.

6 P.M.

Had you asked him this morning, Macomb Township Clerk Michael Koehs said he would have predicted an 80 percent voter turnout, but with the flow of voters holding steady and even dropping off in some places, he said the overall turnout might be closer to 75 percent now. 

Ojibwa Elementary, which hosts Precincts 12 and 30, had recorded approximately 200 fewer ballots as of 6 p.m. than the total number cast there in 2008.

The number of absent voter ballots returned was 96 percent as of 6:45 p.m., but voters have until 8 p.m. to hand in their absent voter ballots, Koehs reminded.

12 P.M.

Although there was a lull at Ebeling Elementary's Precincts 5 and 13 at lunchtime, poll workers said more than 400 ballots had already been cast in Precinct 5 alone.

This was good news for students manning the Ebeling PTA's bake sale, who have been supplying hungry voters with cookies, cupcakes and donuts in an effort to raise money for new playground equipment.

10 A.M.

Poll workers across Macomb Township tell Patch that voters began lining up outside precincts at 6:30 a.m. and have been coming in steadily since.

Of the approximately 1,600 registered voters in Precinct 11 at Atwood Elementary School, roughly 280 votes had been recorded as of 10 a.m., precinct workers said. Although the precinct was nearly empty at 10 a.m., workers said the line of voters stretched more than 100 feet down the school's hallways when the precinct opened at 7 a.m.

Clerk Michael Koehs said turnout slowed down across the township after about 9 a.m. but he anticipates it will pick up again at lunch time and after 4 p.m., remaining steady through the close of polls at 8 p.m.


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