UPDATED: Murphy Re-Elected Brighton Township Supervisor; Doughty, Slaton Retain Trustee Seats

Newcomers Patrick Michel and Lucille Weaire will join Incumbents Cathy Doughty and Mike Slaton on the Brighton Township Board of Trustees.

Tom Murphy was re-elected as Brighton Township Supervisor, defeating his independent challenger John Ewing, according to unofficial results from the Livingston County Clerk's Office.

Murphy received 6,373 votes, while Ewing received 2,245, with all nine precincts reporting.

Ewing's defeat comes in the wake of his somewhat controversial campaign, which alleged corruption and illegal activities within the current Township Board. The campaign specifically targeted Murphy, with mailings that stated, "We will stamp out Murphy corruption."

Murphy denied the allegations. In addition, Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte and Prosecutor David Morse told Patch that both the sheriff's department and prosecutor's office investigated Ewing's allegations, and it was determined that there were no criminal charges to be made.

In a letter sent to Patch and The Livingston Daily Press & Argus on Wednesday morning, Ewing said he wanted Murphy and the Township board to identify the statutory authority that give the board the right to charge a capital charge in sewer billings as well as a 6 percent finance charges for refinancing in 2005, and if the board cannot identify said authorities, then return the monies to township residents who are victims of illegal billing practices.

Ewing said that if his requests are ignored or disregarded, he will be going forward with recall papers for Murphy.

Brighton Township Trustees Cathy Doughty and Mike Slaton were also re-elected to the Township Board. Doughty had the most votes with 6,315, followed by Slaton with 6,050.

Trustees John Rogers and Jim Kovitz chose not to seek re-election this year, freeing their seats for newcomers.

Brighton Township voters favored Republican candidates over Independents. Patrick Michel and former Township Deputy Clerk Lucille Weaire will join Doughty and Slaton as Trustees with 5,961 votes and 5,666 votes, respectively. Katheryne Friske received 2,053 votes while Mike Palmer received 2,060.

Michel said his first step as a new board member is get a better, deeper understanding of the sewer system and Sunset Park as they are the two major issues that "seem to be open sores for the township right now."

Brighton Township Clerk Ann Bollin and Treasurer Lana Theis ran uncontested and will keep their respective offices.

john ewing November 09, 2012 at 10:06 PM
The Murphy/Dietz Tax Evasion Scam is not New: In 1953, the State of Michigan enacted Act 189 to prevent dubious govt. officials from conveying public assets to dubious businessmen for the purpose of benefitting dubious businessmen. The Act sought to make sure that the businessman gets taxed for the value of the asset conveyed. For $1, Bruce Dietz got control of land owned by the people of Brighton Township, for the purposes of making money on a rental building. The land is worth more than $1 - which is a separate violation of statute which requires townships to sell or lease assets for fair-value. Tom Murphy, as Supervisor, must assess property tax upon Bruce Dietz for the 8 acres of public land, and for the value of the rental building itself, as well. It isn't complicated - the State saw this scam 59 years ago and enacted legislation to make it illegal. Murphy has no choice but to follow the statute, and his choice to disregard it and seek to cover it up with the help of others, is the wrong choice. He will be held accountable. Prosecutor Morse flipped from calling my allegations "baseless and untrue" to "no criminal charges were to be made". Morse knows that Dietz must be assessed property taxes, but chose to pass the buck by not filing criminal charges. It may have been a mistake originally, but when Murphy was provided Act 189 of 1953 and chose to continue not assessing property tax it became a crime.
john ewing November 10, 2012 at 02:30 AM
Fightthegoodefight: If you are bored with the Murphy/Dietz tax evasion scam, think about this: BT paid $1,012,000 to an LLC for wetland for the sewer plant. The circumstances are interesting: 1. The purchase agreement identified a 46 acre piece of land which did not exist in legal form but was identified as "donated" to Brighton Township. 2. The agreement suspiciously claimed that the land would be surveyed at some future date and that never occurred. 3. There is a pretty good chance that the seller used the phony identification of a "donated" parcel in a tax evasion scheme. I believe there may be a pattern of activity here, and I can assure you that I will find out why the agreement included a phony, non-existent parcel of land. So far, Murphy hasn't provided any explanation, but he has the information. Do I seem like somebody who is intimidated by phony denials from supposedly upstanding public servants ? 2245 people want answers and ultimately they will get them. John Ewing
Fightingthegoodefight November 10, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Why don't you tell us all about your lawsuit with the township (that you lost), the numerous court orders you violated, your incarceration, and your harrasment of township emploees (including being escorted off township property by the police)? That than your string of lies an innuendo.
john ewing November 10, 2012 at 01:25 PM
I was forcibly removed from my home in Brighton Township and it was illegally seized by Brighton Township. It was later demolished. I have never been escorted off of township property, however recently Lana Theis made a false police report claiming that my questions as to why she was delaying production of sewer related documents were somehow "troubling" to her. When I discussed it with police outside they informed me that Lana Theis blamed the delay on John Harris, the attorney. I have yet to receive the important documents. Now that I have explained, will you explain who you are and why it is so important for you to help Tom Murphy hide his criminal activity ? Thanks, John Ewing
Fightingthegoodefight November 10, 2012 at 02:06 PM
You are conveniently leaving out facts. Please, tell us all about the house and why you were removed from it and your subsequent refusal to submit to reasonable court orders that would allow you to live in your home. Tell us why you were sent to jail. Tell us about your tax problems. Tell the whole truth about your harassment of township employees and officials.


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