Lake Fenton Middle School Top Ranked in MEAP Scores

Here is a look at the MEAP results for Lake Fenton Community Schools in 2010 and 2011.

Here is a brief look at the MEAP results for .

If scores look a little lower than normal, there is a reason for that. The career- and college-ready MEAP cut scores were instituted this year to better reflect how well schools are preparing students for success at the next grade level and whether all Michigan students are progressing at a level sufficient for them to be career- and college-ready when they complete their high school education.

These more rigorous cut scores have been applied operationally for the first time to the fall 2011 MEAP results being released today; however, the career- and college-ready cut scores have also been retroactively applied to MEAP results from prior years to facilitate meaningful comparisons of the percentage of students proficient in each content area across years.

Lake Fenton scores higher than state averages

Every subject tested in every grade level reported a higher rate of proficiency than the Michigan state average, according to 2011 results provided by the Michigan Department of Education. Lake Fenton scored 46.5.1 percent higher than the state average (36.3 percent proficient) in third grade reading with a score of 82.8. The school also scored high in eighth grade science and had a score 32.5 percent higher (49) than the state average (16.5). 

Reading levels rise across the board

After starting with extremely high scores in 2009, reading proficiency levels dropped in every grade in 2010. This year reading levels jumped back up in every grade level.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students top ranked

Averaging math, reading and science, Lake Fenton seventh-graders and eighth-graders scored the highest in public schools of Genesee County. Averaging math, reading and social studies, the Lake Fenton sixth graders scored the highest in the county.

Taking sixth, seventh and eighth grader scores, Lake Fenton ranked No. 1 in the county among public schools in math, reading, writing and science.

Math, science levels rise

Lake Fenton math scores rose nearly across the board and were the highest in 21 public school districts of Genesee County. The most improvement was seen in third grade as the percentage proficient increased from 51.5 to 60.9. There was also significant improvement in seventh grade as scores went from 44.6 percent to 53.7 percent. Eighth grade science scores went from 28.8 to 49 percent proficient.

MEAP 2011  LAKE FENTON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS   Grade Reading Mathematics Science Social
Studies Writing 3 82.8
- - - 4 78.9 45.1 - - 46.5
5 85.8 39.4 21.8
- - 6 84.3 57.4 - 37.1 - 7 78.4 53.7 - - 73.1
8 82.3 29.7 49 - - 9 - - - 36.2
- MEAP 2010  LAKE FENTON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS   Grade Reading Mathematics Science Social
Studies Writing 3 78.3 51.5 - - - 4 78.7 45.9 - - 54.1
5 80 44.4 23.7 - - 6 80.1 53.9 - 47.5
- 7 72.2 44.6 - - 79.9
8 68 32.7 28.8
- - 9 - - - 43.7

Source: Michigan Department of Education. All number are the percentage of students proficient in the category.


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