Lake Fenton's Michigan Merit Exam Scores Improve From Last Year

Lake Fenton students improved in every subject on the Merit Exam, but still scored below the state average in math.

Lake Fenton students improved from last year on every subject on the 2012 Michigan Merit Exam.

The test assesses juniors and eligible seniors based on Michigan high school standards.

scored better than state averages in most subjects on the Merit Exam, while ACT scores also got a bump up.

Lake Fenton students did improve from 16 percent proficient to 27 percent in math, but still fell short of the state average of 29.

The district's percentage of students proficient or advanced on ACT scores (19.2), dropped below the state average of 19.3 last year, but bounced back this time around with an average score of 20.1.

The scores weren't quite as high as , which were the highest in Genesee County.

Here is a look at the numbers:


LF Reading 2012: 64

Michigan Avg 2012: 56          

LF Reading 2011: 58

LF Writing 2012: 52

Michigan Avg: 49

LF Writing 2011: 50

 LF Mathematics 2012: 27

Michigan Avg 2012: 29

LF Mathematics 2011: 16

LF Science 2012: 23

Michigan Avg 2012: 26

Science 2011: 14

LF Social Studies 2012: 49

Michigan Avg 2012: 41

LF Social Studies 2011: 33

LF ACT Average 2012: 20.1

Michigan Avg 2012: 19.4

LF ACT Average 2011: 19.3         

* All numbers are percentage proficient or advanced.  


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