Giving Thanks for Simple Things

An inside look at running a household in a whole new way.

Growing up, I had lots of nicknames. Grace, Hop-a-long, Gimpy, and Speed were just a few of them.

I also had lots of casts. Ankles, wrists, growth plates, collarbones, fingers, toes. You name it, I most likely broke it, sprained it, tore it, or otherwise maimed it. The running joke in my family was that my dad would be pushing me down the aisle at my wedding in a wheelchair and there wasn't a holiday that I didn't spend either injured already, or in the emergency room obtaining X-rays. I learned how to drive with only one foot, and am fairly adept at showering with one hand wrapped in a plastic bag past my elbow.

Each time I injured myself, I was reminded of how much I take for granted. The ability to stand and do dishes, ride a bike, carry a laundry basket or a backpack, and get myself up the stairs to my bedroom were all things I have had to relearn at several points in my life. Recently though, I have had to re-learn how to run a household - from my bed.

These last few weeks of pregnancy have not been agreeing with me, leaving my blood pressure hovering somewhere around the almost dead range, and dropping farther and turning my skin pasty white every time I stand up. Due to my extreme lightheadedness, I have had to re-examine what I consider to be a "clean" bedroom. What an "easy dinner" means. (Crock pot anyone?) I have had to redefine independent. That means getting myself to the bathroom without help by leaning on furniture, but I need someone to drive me to the doctor's office.

I have also had to redefine the term "boredom." Never being one for a television in my bedroom and not having cable - I have seriously re-read almost every book I own. I have discovered the most comfortable position on my too-old mattress is diagonally and supported by all of the pillows we own (so sorry to those that have *cough* donated their pillows to my cause) and that Mario Kart is not an easy game to play while laying down on the couch. I have also had to learn how to accept help from others.

Thank you to my mother for stopping by with lunch periodically, and doing all of the previous night's dinner dishes while you were here, thanks to my future mother-in-law who for trying to take the kids when you were up to it, even though you are recovering from your own surgeries. Thanks to my fiance for trying to keep up on the laundry and my unimaginative dinner suggestions. Thank you to the new baby, who has taught me to slow down and take care of myself, or else I can't take care of anyone else, something I don't want to take for granted.

I don't wish illness or injury on anyone, however I do wish that at some point in your day, you take a second look at how easy whatever you are doing is, and be thankful that you have the ability to do it. It is a lot easier than learning the hard way. 

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