Fenton Adopt-A-Pet Asks Community to Help Puppy

Group needs to raise $1,500 for surgery.

in Fenton is holding a fundraiser for a puppy that has been with them since birth. 

Her name is Periwinkle and she was born in a foster home after her mom was found running loose and freezing. Periwinkles siblings have all been adopted but she is still in foster because she has an Ectopic Ureter, which means that she leaks urine all of the time. 

"She is the sweetest pup, but of course is uncomfortable being that she is constently sticky and always trying to keep herself clean," Adopt A Pet volunteer Joy Scott said. 

Periwinkle's surgery has to be performed by a specialist at Michigan State University and will be taking place Tuesday. The group needs to raise at least $1,500 by next week so that she can have this procedure and have the chance to be a "normal" pup. 

"Periwinkle has only two options: to have this expensive procedure/surgery at MSU and fix the issue or do nothing.  Look at her face and tell us what YOU would choose. It is not life threatening but who do you think will adopt a pup who leaks wrine all the time?" Scott said.

Adopt-A-Pet needs the communities help and is asking everyone to come out and meet Periwinkle this Saturday, January 28th at Family Video, 1451 North Leroy Street, in Fenton from 4 to 8 p.m. 

"We are hoping to pack the paw with paws for Periwinkle. Please pause and purchase a paw for Periwinkle the precious puppy who needs your pledge for a procedure to pee properly," Scott said.

If you can not come to Family Video on Saturday there are many ways to donate. You can click the donate button at www.adoptapetfenton.com,  mail or drop off a check to 13575 North Fenton Road or you can call the center at 810-629-0723.

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