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I am Erica Peabody, or Dr. Erica Peabody to some.  My 3 brothers and I were born and raised on Peabody's Orchard south of town on Foley Rd.  I moved away for school in 1995 and returned home in 2005 after finishing my bachelors degree and my doctorate.  I lived all over the coutry for 10 years while going to school and some days I wake up wondering how I made it all the way back here to Fenton.  Then, I am reminded how wonderful and important my family is and I settle back into cherishing the fact that I live in this wonderful, sleepy little town.  I love it here.  I own and run the Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic Center right in the heart of downtown Fenton where I get to serve wonderful families and all ages of people.  I am very passionate about what I do, excited about life, and grateful to have an opportunity to blog through the Patch.  I have been blogging for just over 3 years now and you can connect with me at ericapeabody@blogspot.com.  My goal is to keep some really positive energy flowing through my posts as I live from a "glass-half-full" perspective.  My focus for this blog is life, living, health and wellness.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts.  I would love to hear from you.  
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