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Hello. My name is Dusty. I’m a 32-year-old husband and father. I married my beautiful wife in 2007. I got a great stepson in the bargain and later that year we welcomed home twin girls. With an 9-year-old and two 4-year-old’s running around life can get pretty hectic. But I’ve never been happier.
I work for a large Information Technologies company on a large automotive account. And if family and work weren’t enough to fill the schedule I’m also a student at Baker College. I’ve completed my Associates in Web Design and am working on a Bachelors of Information Technology with a minor in Security.  I have a massive gadget fascination. I also have the unfortunate addiction of trying to get the most from any electronic I own. If it can be modified or hacked in some fashion then chances are I’ll probably try it.  I also love to read. I read a lot of stuff but make time for Stephen King & Terry Brooks. I enjoy blogging and have done so since I was in high school. Of course, back then it was just called journaling and it was kind of frowned upon by other members of my gender. “What you keep a diary?” “It’s not a diary.” “What is it then?” “It’s a … ummm … oh shut up.” When the late 90’s rolled around I took my journal online and became a trend setter. And also, “I’m a blogger” sounded a lot cooler than “I keep a diary”. So here we are. This is Fenton Patch. They’ve agreed to post some of my opinions and in return I get to have those opinions read by more than just my family and friends. If nothing else I’ll be able to answer the people who’ve asked “Have you ever considered writing for a living?” I mean, sure, “for a living” will actually mean “for free” but it’s a start. Or an end. But it’s something, anyway. In case you were curious, I can be found on Twitter (@TheDustyBlog). Or via my blog www.thedustyblog.com.
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