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About me? What is there about me? I am a perpetual klutz, a semi-talented musician, and a mom.  I am an employee, a significant other, a fence-rider, an instructor, a student. I am a lazy bum, and a workaholic. I have vintage wine tastes on a sugar-free Kool-Aid budget, and I don't sugarcoat things well. I never knew I was funny until I got a job in sales, and now I hope to make you laugh, as well as get involved in activities in Fenton.
  I recently moved to Fenton about a year and a half ago, after living in the Metro Detroit area most of my life. I spent a year in Wisconsin studying International Political Economy, and finished a paralegal degree back in Oakland County. Every day I discover more joys and challenges to living in Fenton, I hope to share these and more with you.
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