Instant Savings Discount Provides Digital Coupons

Troy business was founded in 2012.

Instant Savings Discount Provides Digital Coupons
Instant Savings Discount Provides Digital Coupons
Mohammed Hussain connects consumers and businesses online with his website, Instant Savings Discount.

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Today, Hussain answers our questions.

Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Troy most of my life and plan to stay right here – to be a lifelong Troy resident!

What are your hobbies?

I have many hobbies, but not enough time to explore them all.  One of my favorite is to find a great deal, coupon, online offer, etc. and share it with family and friends. This hobby inspired me to start Instant Savings Discount and share it with the world!  I am also a technology geek. I like tinkering with technology and experimenting with new and innovative ideas.

Favorite book?

One of my favorite books of all times is "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!"  I first read it in college, and came back to it later in life.  I would recommend it to anyone for a good laugh and life lesson.

Favorite movie?

One of my favorite movies is “The Wedding Date,” but I love pretty much anything with Julia Roberts in it!

 Describe Instant Savings Discount for those who don't know what it is:

Instant Savings Discount helps both consumers and businesses save time and money!

We bring CONSUMERS great coupons, discount offers and online deals from local, national and online merchants. There is no cost to use the site - it is TOTALLY FREE for consumers to use, and always will be!  In addition, we don’t require registration to use the site, that is up to the customer.  However, we encourage you to register so you can stay updated on new offers.  Everyone can access our website from any PC or mobile device connected to the internet.  We eliminate the need to cut coupons from coupon books, newspapers and flyers, and provide a complete ‘Go Green’ solution.  Best of all, our service is ALWAYS available!

For BUSINESSES, we provide a low cost digital advertising platform to publish coupons, discount offers and weekly ads online.  Our high quality, state of the art technology attracts new customers and increases sales.  The patent pending system makes it easy for any size business to publish their coupons online instantly.  And most importantly, our price is the lowest in industry!  Our service eliminates all the hassle and expense involved with direct mail advertising methods. 

By using our digital advertising platform, both consumers and businesses are also saving the environment and joining the ‘Go Green’ revolution!  With all this, why would anyone – consumer or business – not use it? 

How did you get involved with Instant Savings Discount?

I founded the company with a passion to connect local Michigan consumers and small businesses, so they can both save money.  Traditional direct mail advertising is very expensive, especially for small business.  I wanted to develop a digital advertising platform for small to medium businesses that was easy to use, high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly.  However, the developed technology turned out to be bigger, more unique, and scalable to any size business!  So, in this historic time of economic difficulty, we can help every business advertise online and all consumers save money on each shopping trip!  It is very exciting to see that what I started to help small, local businesses has now turned into the first Michigan-based company to provide such a complete solution to all size businesses on a national basis!            

How are people able to save on the site?

Basically, there are two ways people can save using Instant Savings Discount.  For local business offers and grocery coupons, they take the coupon(s) to the business to redeem them.  This can be done either by printing or displaying on their mobile device, depending upon the customer and merchant preference.  For national and online businesses, shoppers simply click on the link displayed on our website and make their purchase online.  In most cases, the discount is automatically applied!  Many national businesses are now allowing store pick-up, so you can purchase online and get it at the store the same day while still saving time and money by ordering online!  All online purchases can be shipped to your home, with almost all national and online merchants offering free shipping with a minimum purchase.  It’s that easy – shop the same way you do now only better – save time and money doing it!  

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