Residents Would Like to See Market, Restaurants Inside Cornerstone Building

We recently asked local people what they would like to see come to Fenton. Here are their answers.

Last week they would like to see inside the

Here are the comments we received.

Ali Brown said: a cupcake shop! and an all natural parenting store..or..a mongolian BBQ!

Christy Goodwin Zacker said: raw or whole foods restaurant with a juice bar. There aren't really any healthy food places around Fenton.

Vera Hogan said: Some kind of small market where you can buy fresh produce, bakery items, dairy items, a newspaper ... that sort of thing. Too bad Mark Rummel's awesome burger place had to move - would have been perfect in this location.

Jessica Weston Haney said: Good Italian Restaurant.

said: I believe the "Cornerstone" (retro style) building will be a great addition.  Although we need to keep things simple.  Incorporating (hometown) businesses, not chain or franchise stores. Include a "Made in Michigan" section, displaying a range of top quality, unique hand crafted product.

said: I would like to see a health, whole foods Market and deli, or a outdoor outfitters. Maybe a natural fiber clothing store would be nice.

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