Fenton Adopt-A-Pet Housing 25 of 350 Rescued Allegan County Dogs

Shelter is looking for donations to help dogs recover.

is lending a helping hand in the largest rescue of animal in the state and is looking for a helping hand from Fenton area volunteers.

On Monday, around 350 dogs were rescued from a Cheshire Township home in Allegan County.

The dogs -- mostly Shih Tzu and Pomeranian mixes, with a few Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers -- were found crusted with feces and "urine-soaked to the bone," Julie Kowal, office administrator of the Allegan County Animal Shelter, told Mlive.

Adopt-A-Pet is housing 25 of those rescued dogs.

“The owners have released the dogs to the county, asking for help,” Adopt-A-Pet Director Jody Maddock stated in a article. “Most of the animals need dental work done, which is very common for puppy mill dogs.”

Adopt-A-Pet is now looking for volunteers' help. They are in need of need pet store gift cards, Target or Walmart gift cards, bleach, blankets, garbage bags, small collars, and monetary donations to help with the dental cleanings. Each dog that needs a dental costs between $150 - $300. Donations can be dropped off between 10-3 Tuesday through Saturday and 1-4 Sunday.

"The people who pulled together and the donations they received is phenomenal!" Adopt-A-Pet posted on its Facebook Page Wednesday.

The post also mentioned Puppy Suds Dog Grooming of Linden help groom seven of the dogs Wednesday.

"We are SO thankful because they were a disgusting, stinky mess!" The Facebook post said.

The owners, who admitted the dogs were dirty, but said they weren't sick, did not have a state-issued kennel license or an active dog license, according to WoodTV 8

"I cared about them," the dogs owner said in the article. "I've been raising them for 40 years."

r mclatcher April 11, 2012 at 08:41 PM
How do I go about Adopting one of these dogs?
Jason Alexander (Editor) April 11, 2012 at 09:50 PM
You can contact Fenton Adopt-A-Pet at 810-629-0723.
Dorothea J. Knight April 12, 2012 at 06:23 PM
Needed dental work is very common for all small breed dogs - and, an expense may new owners do not realize and cannot afford - so all these lovely, darling little abused dogs will, in a couple of years, wind up with the same dental and gum diseases - it doesn't take a so-called Puppy Mill to show qruelty/abuse - one person neglecting one dog allows for the same suffering. How do I feel - disgusted that this should have happened - when inspections were in progress - this did not happen over nite - if anyone should be penalized, it should be whoever was in charge of this couples licensing and inspecting.Allegon County has a Kennel License Ordinance - whoever goofed should be fired and fined.
Bridget Tank April 23, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Its sad how people treat dogs and cats and so on in this world it saddness me how people can do that to god"s animals they have feelings too. And i was wondering how i can adopt one of thoses beautiful dogs i want a pom. Pls write me by this email address bridgettank88@yahoo.com thank you


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