Friends' Hearts Still Ache After Tragic Train Accident in Fenton

Friends remember Fenton teenager Audrey Seigle as always having a smile on her face.

Four months have passed since a train struck and killed Fenton teenager Audrey Seigle in July and her friends continue to miss her "bubbly, cheerful and electrifying" personality.

Claire Lang, 15, met Seigle in middle school at Charyl Stockwell Academy in Howell and formed a connection with her. The train incident devastated her.

"I miss her unbelievably," Lang said. "She was unique and always happy. She lit up everyone's world."

Constance Hargenrader, 17, met Seigle in fourth grade and had been friends with her ever since. She said losing her friend was "like losing a sister."

"I always admired her because she never cared what people thought about her, and she was always happy about everything. She never let anything ruin her happy days," Hargenrader said. "I miss her style, her hair, her eyes. I miss everything about her. My family's been friends with her since grade school, so it hit my parents hard, and me even harder."

Lang said Seigle always tried to make people laugh and liked to draw pictures for people or writing lyrics on their hands.

"She always had a smile on her face," Lang said. "She loved bright colors and crazy outfits. She was never boring. She loved to sing and dance and goof off with her friends, and she always made people laugh."

Friend Rachelle Smith said she still has a hard time believing her friend is gone. She said she misses talking about anime and about the Twilight Saga with Seigle. Smith said she also missed taking walks, playing on the computer and watching movies with her friend.

"Audrey was a very creative, fun, spunky and energetic person, loved writing poems, playing on the computer, reading anime, and watching movies," she said. "I miss her dearly."

Police determined that train collision that killed Seigle appeared to be a tragic accident.

Fenton Police said , walked westbound on the tracks with her head down as the Canadian National Railway train approached from the east just west of the US 23 overpass July 8.

"When I found out I couldn't even talk. I was shaking and just very numb," Lang said. "Not our Audrey. It had to be mistaken identity, or she was just missing, or something. She couldn't really be gone."

Supporters have continued a β€œRest in Peace Audrey Seigle” page on Facebook and filled it with messages, songs and pictures.

Kristin Polk November 19, 2012 at 12:27 PM
My heart goes out to Audrey's wonderful family. They are very close and the loss of this precious person is devastating. Audrey had a light in her smile and could cheer up a room, just by being there. Special love and prayers to her family.
becky July 30, 2013 at 02:35 PM
audrey was my best friend ever she took me under her wing when i got bullied. she knew what to say to those mean people i miss her soo much .


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