Fenton Couple Pleads Not Guilty on Charges in Jessica Sacco Murder Case

Reports say Andrew Forney and accused killer Matthew Puccio were roommates.

A to help cover up a murder where a man allegedly stabbed, suffocated and dismembered his ex-girlfriend pleaded not guilty Tuesday to several charges.

Andrew and Kandis Forney, of Fenton, accused killer Matthew Puccio and two others pleaded not guilty in Champaign County court in western Ohio, according the Springfield News-Sun

Police say Puccio stabbed and suffocated the 21-year-old Jessica Sacco around March 22 inside of her apartment in Urbana, OH, about 40 miles northwest of Columbus.

Police have said Fenton husband and wife Andrew and Kandis Forney helped Puccio try to cover up the murder and that Andrew helped Puccio dismember the body.

Andrew P. Forney was indicted last Thursday on one count each of failure to report a crime, abuse of a corpse, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, complicity to tampering with evidence and two counts of possession of criminal tools, reported the Urbana Daily Citizen.

Kandis J. Forney, 25, was indicted on two counts each of failure to report a crime, obstructing justice, possession of criminal tools and one count of complicity to tampering with evidence.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Puccio said he dismembered the body alone and said the Forneys shouldn’t be punished, because “they had nothing to do with this.”

Andrew Forney had moved from Fenton to Urbana and was roommates with Puccio in the duplex where Sacco was killed, according to the Daily Democrat. The article stated Puccio told police in an interview that he and Forney had been friends for years, attending the same school and church in Woodland, California and that Forney's parents, Jim and Ruth Forney, still reside in Woodland.


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