Highland Teen Steals Money from Hartland Target to Pay MIP Fines

The following information was supplied by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

An 18-year-old Highland Teen was charged with two counts of embezzlement after taking money from a cash register at the Hartland Target where he worked, according to a police report.

Police responded to a call from Target loss prevention officers on Dec. 14, who already had the teen's signed confession of taking a total of $140 from the register on two separate occasions, once on Nov. 28 and again on Dec. 10, the report said.

Target loss prevention officers told police they were tipped off by the Brighton Meijer store about an employee working for them that was fired for unethical behavior. Afterwards, they pulled reports to see which days the teen had been short cash on his drawer. On Nov. 28, he was short $40 and on Dec. 10, he was short $100, according to the report.

The teen told police that he took the money to pay costs and fines to Oakland County for the Minor in Possession (MIP) probation he was on.


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