Memorial Ride For Dominick Calhoun to Travel Through Fenton

Bikers will gather in July to honor Argentine Township toddler who was allegedly tortured and beaten to death.

The long, sad story of Dominick Calhoun continues.

However, bikers will honor the late Argentine Township toddler with the 2nd Annual Dominick Calhoun Memorial Ride from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. July 23 starting 101 Genesee St., in Gaines and traveling to several places including the , 7071 Bennett Lake Road in Fenton.

Last week the Tri-County Times reported  Genesee County 7th District Family Court Judge Duncan Beagle terminated the parental rights of former Tyrone Township mother Corrine Baker to her 10-year-old son Tyler. Tyler, who has been in foster care, is the half-brother of 4-year-old Dominick, who died in April of 2010 after being allegedly beaten for several days in an Argentine Township apartment.

Baker is currently serving time in state prison for an unrelated drug conviction out of Livingston County, according to the report.

The article stated Baker's boyfriend at the time, Brandon Hayes, 25, who was living with her, was charged with several felonies including torture, murder and child abuse. He is facing life in prison. Prosecutors allege that Hayes reportedlty beat Calhoun after he wet his pants.

“This case goes beyond torture,” Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell told the Flint Journal last year.

ConnectMidMichigan.com (NBC 25) reported that police said the little boy had been beaten so extensively he suffered injuries to his entire body.

WHMI (93.5) reported the trial will begin in September. The article state that Baker faces second degree murder and child abuse charges for allegedly not doing more to protect her son.

“When you fight so hard to keep someone alive,” Baker told ConnectMidMichigan.com (NBC 25) last April.  “And then be blamed for it...”

Hundreds of people attended his funeral last April, the Flint Journal reported.

"Dominick was just a little boy, but when you look around this room you see a life, although short, it was well-invested," Rev. Jim Wiegand said, the Flint Journal reported. "He made a difference."

CBS News ran a photo gallery of Calhoun last April.


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